Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Send A Message to Metcalfe's

From the inbox, another company trying to bust the unions:
Brothers and Sisters,

Workers at Metcalfe’s Market need your support. After years of stable and mutually successful labor relations, Metcalfe’s Market has hired the most anti-worker law firm in the state to attack their meat department workers who are fighting for a fair contract. These workers are proud members of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1473 and deserve a fair wage and benefit package.

Click here to send a message to Tim and Kevin Metcalfe. Encourage them to respect their workers and stop their intimidation tactics.

The reason for the attack is simple: GREED. The company is willing to spend unlimited amounts on union-busting lawyers to silence their workers instead of bargaining in good faith with their employees. The Company has even unilaterally implemented a 600% cost increase to employees in health insurance premiums alone!

Click here to let the Metcalfe family know that you want their destructive tactics aimed at silencing their workers to stop.

Last June, meat department workers at Metcalfe Market’s newly acquired store in Madison voted for union representation. These employees are fighting for their first contract and need our support.

These union-busting tactics will not silence the voices of workers. Let’s join together in solidarity and support our brothers and sisters at Metcalfe’s Market. All workers deserve a family sustaining wage with good benefits which is achieved through collective bargaining. Tell the Metcalfe family to stop the unnecessary legal games and get back to selling groceries in the successful business that their employees helped build.

In Solidarity,

Phil Neuenfeldt, President
Stephanie Bloomingdale, Secretary-Treasurer


  1. Sending emails is great, but when do we start picketing?

  2. How come all I can find on this is this email? No news coverage, no nothing else?

    1. Really? Did you really think the corporate media would cover this?

  3. Email sent. Thanks for letting me know - just in time, too, as I just changed my lunch plans and won't be picking something up at Metcalfe's.

  4. Never mind picketing. Vote with your dollar. You have more power than you think. Boycot and buycot.

  5. I will not patronize them until they treat their employees fairly.

  6. My husband worked at Metcalfe's for a few months and couldn't stand the blatant disregard for worker's rights. The line between upper management and lowly workers is clearly drawn. When Metcalfe's bought Cub Foods, they also hired on much of the staff of Cub foods. Yet they lowered the staff's wages to an unlivable amount. My husband worked with someone who was hired on from Cub's and worked at Cubs for 17 years and, at the end of his time at Cubs, was paid $14/hourly. Metcalfes lowered his wage to $10/hourly. The gentleman never saw his family because he worked all the time. Metcalfes is the pits.

  7. Metcalfe workers get payed nothing and there is no chance to move up. People who make 7 or 8 dollars an hour there (many) are denied raises. Greed plain and simple. They could all be given hefty raises so they could survive in today's economy and the Metcalfe brothers would still be filthy rich. But oppression is there. Dont' be fooled by their "good moral" face and being active in the community. It is all for their own gain. They could care less about their employees....They are all expendable. If someone left because they were abused, harrassed or dissatisfied, they wouldn't blink and eye or ask anyone to stay. They would wave to them on the way out and hire the next poor shmuck off the street who will work for pennies, because they know they can use people, when people are desperate.