Saturday, July 14, 2012


Ouch! This will leave a mark:
If you visit the Wisconsin State Capitol on any given day, chances are Governor Scott Walker will not be there. Even on those rare occasions when he shows up for work, he hides in his office, unlike most other elected officials who roam freely through the building and interact with the public, sometimes taking a little verbal abuse but able to go about their business. Half the state hates his guts and the other half is embarrassed by him. Really, nobody in Wisconsin is saying anything positive about Scott Walker these days, not even his alleged supporters.

That’s probably why, despite winning a close recall election in June, he has voluntarily stopped being the Governor of Wisconsin for all intents and purposes. He has set himself up to cash in (think Sarah Palin with a bald spot) and now he don’t need no stinking badgers.


  1. Still say it was a rigged election with electronic voting machines, the questionable county's that do have paper trails to count should be counted. Exit polls don't lie, republicans do.

  2. Its amazing the free time the governor has when he isn't visiting France to award no bid train contracts and doesn't have to come up with legislation to pay back the unions and lawyers for getting him into office.
    So much free time he could play 100 rounds of golf instead of say...writing a budget that would even get one vote in the senate.

    1. People who point at others, and what the others are doing, do nothing more than sway the attention from the original topic.

      The fact of the post is that Governor Walker is rarely seen serving the public, in the public space provided for him.

      This has been a trend since day one for this Governor.

      Wherever and whatever this Governor is doing with his time, one thing is certain is that it is not working with people in the Capitol building.

      I suppose he won't now that the super-majority is down by one now.

    2. I had a boss who was always out self promoting. This is the same thing.

    3. It's amazing how incapable is iamastupidracist of focusing on the topic of a post.

      He must be ADHD.

      In addition, of course, to he must be stoopid.

    4. yeah , we are talking about walker and right away he jumps over to obama.

      racist , are you ?

    5. Boy, talk about Freudian slips! IMBAR, I don't know, but I haven't seen where Walker has created his 250K jobs yet. In fact, the state's still in the red from when he took over. So why is Walker trying to whore himself out to Mitt and others nationally? He does understand that FBI agents can arrest him anywhere, right?

  3. Meh, Wisconsin doesn't have problems anymore, so Scotty can take off out of state. I mean, it's not like we don't have severe droughts or huge increases in unemployment claims or anything going on in recent days, do we?

    Absolutely derelict in duty. Just like he was in Milwaukee County, whose government was left much worse than before Walker showed up.