Friday, July 27, 2012

The Walker Budget Keeps Working! Part CXXXIV

Scott Walker sure as the Midas touch* when it comes to job creation.

As Lisa Mux points out, Walker recently bragged about his morally and fiscally bankrupt Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) was giving a $15 million tax credit to Plexus Corp to create 350 jobs.

So how's that working out? Just as well as you'd imagine:
Contract electronics manufacturer Plexus Corp. has laid off 116 employees in the Appleton area.

Half of the layoffs are fulltime salaried employees and half are temporary workers.

Plexus reported strong third-quarter earnings last week. But the company made the layoffs this week in response to a decrease in customer orders.

Senior vice president and chief financial officer Ginger Jones tells The Post-Crescent ( that while the layoffs are unfortunate, they are "a small percentage" of the company's headcount in the Fox Cities.

Jones says the local overall workforce is about 2,000. The layoffs were at one of the company's two sites in the Appleton area, but Jones did not specify which.
Isn't it grand to watch Walker's laser sharp focus on job creation in action?!

*Midas touch as in everything resembles a pile of rusty mufflers, not the mythological king who turned everything into gold.


  1. I would like to know more about their overall tax liability. It seems like one company with 2000 some workers must be making a lot of money to have just its tax break be $15M!

    And it states this is JUST LOCAL workers in the area. Did Plexus just move some of its money to another location, even out of state?

    What does Plexus do?

  2. Obviously Plexus won't be refunding the $15M to taxpayers. This is the moral equivalent of fraud, which is the natural state of the Republican party. Grab the money and run.