Sunday, July 15, 2012

Some Call It Sedition...

others call it just another day in the republican party!   Surprisingly, this is not in WI but in our neighbors to the west Iowa.   A republican state senate candidate has decided to bow out of the race and declare herself Senator of alternative form of Government!

A Republican state Senate candidate in Iowa has decided to bow out of the race and become a U.S. senator of an alternative form of government.

In a letter released Friday, Randi Shannon informs supporters of her new position as “U.S. Senator in the Republic of the United States of America.” You see, according to Shannon, the U.S. government has been acting unlawfully as the “‘official government,’ which clearly it is not!”

The libertarian-leaning group she joined claims it “re-inhabited” the government on March 30, 2010. The group claims the “United States Corporation” unlawfully formed in 1871 without the American people’s consent. “Since 1871, the abuses of this corporation upon both the international community as well as the American people are inestimable and unconscionable,” the group’s website claims.

"Senator" Shannon even wrote a letter(surprisingly it wasnt in crayons)::
Hello everyone, my name is Randi Shannon, and I have been honored to be Iowa’s Republican Candidate for The Office of State Senator in District 34. The support I have received from so many in this districhas been just incredible! I will never forget your commitment to my campaign!

 I want to especially thank my fellow Ron Paul for President Supporters, My Fellow Members of Liberty,My Friends who home school as did I, the many Pro-Life Members who have been so supportive of my candidacy over these past few months, and of course all my supporters in the Republican Party who have offered me so much help and encouragement, including many Republican Office holders here in Iowa, I  promise you, your efforts on My behalf will be remembered.

Se·di·tion  [si-dish-uhn]

1. incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
2. any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
3. Archaic . rebellious disorder.

The republican party gets crazier by the day, and each turn they take on the looney clock is that much worse for America.   Since Dirty Rotten Scoundrels describes the republican party perfectly these days, how long until they run Ruprecht for Senate?


  1. Interesting.


    The United States and 1871:

    So, this candidate advocates for racial terrorism? (Mr. IMBR would be a supporter of this new government, I suppose.....)

  2. Interesting point anon....which Wisconsin politicians and people of prominence in the republican party would be on board with this?

    Im guessing, Steve nASS, Glenn Grothmann, Andre Jacque for starters....

  3. The is sovereign citizen related asshattery.

    The references to things such in her manifesto as:
    "It was then replaced in 1871 by the UNITED STATES CORPORATION. (de facto-without law). This Unlawful Corporate Democracy, established by the forty-first congress, has been acting as though it is the "official government" which clearly it is not!" give it away.

    Law enforcement officers are familiar with sovereign citizens; see for example "The deadly threat of the sovereign citizen for all public safety workers".

  4. Sovereign citizens operate businesses here just like anybody, they are called, private security contracting. Unlike mercenaries, a sovereign citizen can hire private security contractors.

    Unlike public law-enforcement, and coupled with buried language in the Wisconsin concealed law (some "stand your ground" elements), a private security contractor can shoot first and never ask questions.

    Also, consider Posse Comitatus, where the public military force may now be used by private forces in control of public office.

    1. What is a sovereign citizen?

      Is there a difference between what a "sovereign citizen" can do, as opposed to a citizen of any one of the states, or the United States?

  5. Her grammar is piss-poor, too. That is one mighty long run-on sentence!

    1. I wouldn't be shocked if someone found an unattributed cut and paste or two.

  6. The Southern Poverty Law Center has some excellent information on these nutters. Be sure to click on the link on the right hand side of the page to read about the leadership, which seems to be a collection of scam artists who feed of the financially desperate and gullible followers.

  7. I missed this one from the SPLC web site. It seems Milwaukee has it's very own Soverign nutter who thinks he is the King of Hawaii:

    David Wynn Miller, 61
    Milwaukee, Wisc.
    A former tool-and-die maker, the man who writes his name as ":David-Wynn: Miller" — or, as he amusingly says it verbally, "David hyphen Wynn full colon Miller" — came up with his "truth language" scheme as a result of a frustrating court experience in 1988, when he was going through a divorce. In short, all truth language sentences used in court filings must begin with the preposition "for," contain at least 13 words, and use more nouns than verbs to be effective (he has claimed that only nouns have legal authority). David Wynn Miller considers himself a "Plenipotentiary Judge" in the Unity States of the World, and has named himself as the King of Hawaii, a feat he claims he accomplished when he converted Hawaii into a verb. Needless to say, Full Colon Miller's clients have fared poorly in both civil and criminal courts, and at least one client has been required to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Miller is one of the few sovereign gurus that can say he has clients in four different countries currently serving prison sentences. Despite these failures, Miller's exotic punctuation scheme is rapidly growing.