Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sean Duffy Is Scared of His Constituents!

Poor Sean Duffy, he keeps holding Town hall meetings and unfortunately for him, people are showing up and actually asking him questions!

Remember last year when he was asked a question about privatizing Medicare, he answered it with "when you have your town hall, you can stand up and give your presentation".  

He apparently felt that a townhall was just a chance to sit and show his constituents charts made up by the Heritage Foundation, he had no real interest in actually discussing issues with the peons.    Unless of course they have a camera!  

Now its a year later and Sean Duffy has learned a new tactic on how to deal with constituents who actually have a questions for their elected rep.   RUN AWAY!  

Here a constituent and Vietnam Veteran has a simple question about the minimum wage and Sean Duffy Runs!

a constituent approached Duffy outside a meeting in Wausau and attempted to ask him a question about the minimum wage. Duffy told the man he’s already held his single yearly town hall, got in his car, shut his door, and drove away, leaving the veteran tried to shout his question through the car’s rolled up window:
CONSTITUENT: Mr. Duffy, when are you going to hold your next town hall meeting?

DUFFY: We said we’re going to do one every year, and we’ve done that. So if you want to come set up an appointment in my office, we’d be happy to have you come on by.

CONSTITUENT: What I’d like to know is the law to raise the minimum wage…

[Duffy drives off]
This is a very popular tactic of the right when asked questions!   Most notably used by the "tea party" candidates who are just NOT smart enough to answer questions impromptu.  

Although we have to give Sean Duffy some credit, while he is hurting for money since he only makes $174k/yr, he was able to scam almost $25,000 extra taxpayer dollars last year from the good people of WI as a "car expense".   It takes someone special to be able to pretend to be a fiscal conservative and scam the system like that!   I bet his good buddy Puck could not do that! 

It is interesting that while sean duffy says that his district is so big he has had to put almost 50,000 mile on his car(at $.51 mile) he also spent an insane amount of $225,000 on unsolicited direct mail!  

Those "tea partiers" sure can burn through the taxpayers money!   In the real world, the taxpayers of Wisconsin deserve more! 


  1. He is afraid some one will ask him how he drove so far in 18 months, and respond to his once a year with when is the next one? He is a thief and he is sure people are reading about his theft on mileage.

  2. Its not really stealing, the tea party deserves that money, especially sean duffy. He has 6 kids you know!

  3. I'd like to know why he is having American taxpayers subsidize his foreign made car.

  4. It is totally amazing how you extreme lefties criticize Sean Duffy for his $25,000 annual mileage expense but think nothing of Pelosi jetting back and forth to D.C. costing millions in taxpayer dollars. Also amazing is the plus $1,000,000 Michele Obama spent on three family outings with her 2 daughters. Why don't you lefties look at all of the politicians (Democrats and Republicans)on an equal basis? Let's all pull together on common ground and not just pick on the wrongs of Republicans. Democrats are an exrtremely wasteful bunch of puppets as well.

    1. We could always discuss Sensenbrenner, the king of traveling on the taxpayer dime.

  5. Sean Duffy has had to resort to having "plain clothes" supporters following him.

    There are several photos from various parade appearances on his facebook site, and if you study them carefully, you will find the same guy in the crowd with a cap standing up and coming to shake Duffy's hands.

    These guys change locations, too, it is very fun to play where's the Republican as even in just one parade the same guy can be found in background shots of the moving Duffy for Congress group.