Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dick Cheney and September 11th

Dick Cheney. Ugh, even typing that name makes my stomach feel like unloading its contents. It's been 4 years since his and Bush's reign of terror, but he still somehow seems to stick his nose into current events. You'd think if you were a war criminal with a serious record, you'd want to stay as far away from the public eye as possible, but here we are. Verbal diarrhea is a serious thing.

Today is a sad day in American history. We all know what happened. We reflect on this day every year with fondness for the heroes that risked their lives for others and we reflect with sadness for those who lost their lives. We think about our freedom, our nation and the ideas and beliefs we hold dear. It's a time when we come together as American's and find common ground in our love of our country. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of Republicans don't believe in any sort of togetherness. They just turn it into another day, another way to attack President Obama.

First, let's start by recapping the event that took place on May 1st, 2011. President Obama had announced that a team of Navy SEALs had gotten Osama bin Laden. The man who devised the plan for September 11th, 2001 had finally been brought to justice. We should all be rejoicing that there's one less evil person in this world. President Obama came before the world and told us that a brave group of Navy SEALs had gone in and gotten bin Laden. He thanked them profusely and gave them the gratitude of the American people. We are forever grateful to them and the risk they took on behalf of the 3,000+ people who died on this day 11 years ago and the soldiers who went to Iraq and Afghanistan who made it home, and those who didn't.

Now, fast forward to yesterday, September 10th. In my humble opinion, Dick Cheney is the scum of the earth. He orchestrated two illegal wars that President Obama is now getting us out of. He used George W. Bush as a (willing) puppet to mastermind his ideas. The guy should be thrown in a prison cell, but, I digress. Seems that old Dick has decided that President Obama has apparently been taking all the credit for the bin Laden raid (yeah, I've never heard him take credit it for it, either but ooookay) and it was time the "truth" was told. So, Dick Cheney, as Republicans do, decided to use 9/11 as a pawn against a political rival. He couldn't take one day off (nor could Fox News) to just revel in being an American. Nope, instead he used this day to spout off about President Obama, to lie and twist facts and undermine our military. He tried his very hardest to score political points. Let's be clear: President Obama never took sole credit for what happened on May 1st. In fact, as I recall, not only had he thanked our intelligence community, our Navy SEALs, heads of the military, he also thanked the LAST GUY WHO WAS THERE BEFORE HIM. Yeah, Bush AND Cheney. We know Cheney is a lying, disingenuous, shameful excuse of a human, but c'mon, OBAMA THANKED HIM!

Cheney should be ashamed of himself (well, for lots of things) but this really takes the cake. Whether he tries undermining our government or the Obama administration's military operations capability, each insult hurled is worse than the last. And to use this day of all days, to do that, is just salt on a still open wound. Why can't Republicans take today to look across the aisle and say, "We may not agree on much, but we do agree on a few things and that's our equal, unwavering love of our nation and our love of freedom." I guess that must be asking too much, because when it comes to freedom and American values, Republicans are in the dark.

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