Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tommy Thompson's 9/11 Hypocrisy

Sad Tommy is sad.
Today, as the entire nation is fully aware of, is the eleventh anniversary of the attack on New York City, where 3,000 people lost their lives. Many of those who perished in that horrific nightmare come true were the first responders: police officers, fire fighters, emergency medical personnel. All of them selflessly put any concerns for their own safety to the side as they charged up the stairs of the twin towers in an effort to save the lives of the innocent.

They, as much as any group of people ever has, deserves are continuous thoughts, prayers and eternal gratitude.

As happens every year on this date, people gathered to remember and honor the victims and their families. Likewise, politicians feel compelled to issue statements regarding the occasion. This is especially true during election years.

In that light, here comes Tommy Thompson, Republican candidate to replace the retiring Herb Kohl, giving us his reflection on the events of that infamous day:
Tommy Thompson released the following statement reflecting on the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Thompson served as Health and Human Services Secretary at the time of the terrorist attacks. The next day, he was at Ground Zero orchestrating the largest activation of the national disaster medical system in our nation's history.

"Eleven years ago today, the resolve of our country was tested. Families across America witnessed as our nation came under attack. Although we were shaken, we did not falter. I will never forget the unwavering strength Americans, especially first responders, demonstrated at Ground Zero that day. As both individuals and as a nation, we came together to grieve for the loved ones we lost and to rally against unspeakable evil. Together, we showed the world that the American spirit could not be broken.

"As we reflect upon the events of September 11, 2001, we are reminded that freedom isn't free. We live in the greatest country in the world because our men and women in uniform bravely put their lives at risk to defend not only our nation, but those constitutional freedoms we enjoy each and every day. I encourage people in Wisconsin and across the nation to take a moment to reflect upon those we have lost and to honor those who are bravely fighting today."
Well, isn't that special!

Too bad that this is the Tommy that wants something from the voters. The real Tommy, has shown by David Dayen at FDL, isn't as compassionate towards the first responders when they were fighting to get cancer included as a 9/11 illness. At least not until he could make money off of their suffering, that is:
The issue could play a role in a key Senate race in Wisconsin. Tommy Thompson was President Bush’s Health and Human Services Secretary. The Bush Administration did not compensate victims of the environmental hazards at Ground Zero, and downplayed the consequences. When Thompson finally got around to helping workers suffering from illnesses from Ground Zero, it wasn’t as HHS Secretary (where he was criticized for not doing enough), but as a private entrepreneur. His company, Logistics Health Inc., won a CDC contract in 2008 for $11 million to track the health and treat some of the workers exposed to toxic environmental hazards. “It is ironic that former HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson’s firm won the contract to provide the services, given the history of delay from the Bush administration when he was secretary and now,” said Rep. Carolyn Maloney at the time.

Thompson also showed his acumen in issues of protecting innocent citizens from terror when he said in 2004, upon stepping down at HHS, “For the life of me, I cannot understand why the terrorists have not, you know, attacked our food supply. Because it is so easy to do.” Fortunately, nobody took him up on the tip.
Y'know, the right wing is very conscious of who does what regarding this day, only supporting the "true patriots." Well, it's pretty obvious that Thompson doesn't fit that bill. It's time for Thompson to take a retirement from politics and devote more attention to his farm.


  1. he was telling the terrorists, "stick it to us."

  2. I so wish the stupid bastards that vote Typublicrite would wake up and see how they are nothing but smaller puppets in the puppet-master's grand scheme.

    Typublicrite politics is cronyism al a carte.

  3. We musn't forget how Thompson demonstrated his management acumen by screwing up flu vaccine production two years in a row. Apparently heavy drinking and running HHS don't go well together.