Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Emerge Wisconsin's Statement of Solidarity on Labor Day

From the inbox:

Today, we celebrate and honor the workers who have fought for and continue to fight for the rights that, until now, have been taken for granted:
  • the right to bargain a fair contract;
  • the right to provide a comfortable living for our families;
  • the right to join a union and speak out about our rights without fear and intimidation; and
  • the right to be part of the middle class.
Emerge Wisconsin proudly supports a worker's right to organize. 
On Labor Day and every day, Emerge Wisconsin continues to stand with our friends and partners in organized labor.  We are proud that our training includes the history and appreciation of organized labor and all that we have because of the fights unions have taken on.
We are proud that Emerge continues to recruit and train women from labor to run for elected office - several of whom are seeking elective office this year.
Emerge Wisconsin believes that the pathway to winning back the stolen rights of workers includes the recruiting and training of more Democratic women to run for office.
Emerge Wisconsin proudly stands in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in labor and wish you a very happy and peaceful Labor Day.

For the purpose of full disclosure, I do some volunteer work for Emerge Wisconsin.

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