Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ann Hates Dogs Too!

We have covered the story of how Mitt abused the family dog Seamus already, but Ann Romney can not leave well enough alone and doubled down on the story! 

I guess the dog loved being strapped to the top of the roof while he luggage was in the car.   So much so he ran away never to be heard from again!   Why does Ann Romney remind me of Leona Helmsly?  

In Ann's defense, when you live in a house like this(actual Rmoney compoun), no wonder the dog wanted on the roof, no where for him to run!   

The Wisconsin Humane society begs to differ!!!!


  1. I am not going to vote for Romney, however, in the 70's, everybody drove on vacations. The Romneys had 5 kids. The kids probably wanted to bring the dog on the trip. So the dad put the carrier on top of the car. In the 70's, this wouldn't have been seen as a big deal. Back then, half the people didn't wear seat belts, kids sat in the backs of station wagons, etc., etc. People were not as safety conscious, even less so for animals.

    1. Proud to be a RepubicanSeptember 4, 2012 at 12:27 PM

      Agreed. This dog on the car is a ridiculous thing to focus on.

      Back in the 70's and before things really were different. Some misbehaving kids got a session with a belt. Some misbehaving dogs and cats got a session with a stick. There were few laws controlling guns and lots of innocent people were getting shot every day!

      Next thing you know someone will be accusing some politician of barbequeing a dog and eating it.
      Romney Campaign Notes that Obama as a Boy Ate Dog Meat*

  2. Then the correct response would have been, that seemed like the thing to do at the time but looking back on it, it was incredibly dumb!

    Instead they tell us how much seamus loved it as he was rapping all over the car then ran away when they finally let him out!

    1. Instead they tell us how much seamus loved it as he was rapping all over the car

      Was he rapping Who Let The Dogs Out?