Monday, September 3, 2012

Go Team! Do It For The Fibber!

This is hilarious!

Over the weekend, Paul Ryan paid a visit to his alma mater, Miami of Ohio. It was nothing more than a typical campaign stop, but Ryan thought he'd outdo Knute Rockne by stopping in the locker room and getting the team pumped up for a win.

Hilarity ensued:

I don't know which is funnier - the obvious fact that Ryan had no idea what he was doing or the confused look on the players' faces when he was done with his gibberish.

Indeed, Yahoo News reports:
In fact, the 45-second rah-rah was wildly disjointed as Ryan got his facts about Ohio State's record against teams in the state of Ohio backward. He tells the Redhawks that he's proud of them and then he asks them to go out and make him proud. Then he awkwardly finished with, "And make it… count."

It was good of Ryan to take the time to stop in and chat with the team, but I bet several of the players had no idea who he was (they are college students and probably not all registered voters).
Ryan then went up to a luxury box to watch some of the game with Ohio Representative Pat Tiberi and then left early.

Per ABC news, Ryan had the same effect for the team as he does for budget plans, and takes about as much responsibility for it:
When he left his team was winning 3-0. But, that didn’t last long.

By the time the vice presidential candidate was in the air on his way to a joint rally with the top of the ticket his alma mater was losing to Ohio State 35-10.

Reporters wanted to see what he thought of his university’s change in fortune, so they rolled an orange down the aisle on the flight from Columbus to Jacksonville.

The candidate rolled it back with a message: “We were winning when I was there. Paul.”
Miami of Ohio eventually did lose by an even bigger margin: 56-10.
I'd expect that by Thursday, he'll be telling people he suited up when the quarterback took ill and led the team to win the Rose Bowl and the Superbowl.

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  1. I could give a better pep talk than that.

  2. Interesting that the video is now "private".

  3. “We were winning when I was there. Paul.”

    That's a pretty funny/smart comeback.

  4. afterward, he said that president obama had promised them that they would win.

  5. Is anyone else starting to think that Ryan bears more resemblances to Palin other than being a vapid, substance-free losing GOP VP candidate? And not just because of Palin's infamous moment where she tried to drop the puck at an NHL game in Philly and got booed off the ice.

    Like that he's solely taking this gig for the fame and the ability to make a lot more money out of politics? Take note, southern Wisconsin- this guy couldn't give two shits about your needs. It's ALL about Pau-LIE, and it's always been all about Pau0LIE

  6. Ok, very, very stupid thing to do. Lets do the math, how many people in Ohio have graduated from Miami, raise your hand, anyone, anyone. How many in Ohio have graduated from Ohio St. Ok, ok, looks like quite a few more. Why would a candidate piss off a good portion of the state, in a (or THE) swing state? Geez, Obama didn't even really take a side in the Walker Recall, much to our collective chagrin, for fear of losing votes in a swing state.