Monday, September 3, 2012

Whats Funnier Than A Mass Shooting?

To the NRA and Governor Walker not to much

CAMERON GRAY, NRA NEWS PRODUCER: Governor, after you signed concealed carry in Wisconsin -- I was your first interview, it's good to talk to you again -- since then how has the Wild West been? How have the crazy shootouts been? How out of control are the shootings in Wisconsin? [laughter]

GOV. SCOTT WALKER: Well as you can imagine all the hysteria went just the opposite way. Actually, you know one of the most interesting things is when I go to deployments -- deployments of members of the National Guard from Wisconsin -- I get members of the National Guard that come up and thank me for that. And more often than not it's female members of the Guard who come up and thank me. And actually many times they pull out their concealed carrier card and ask me to sign it in person for them. But none of the hysteria, none of the bad things we heard talked about. Instead what we saw was law-abiding citizens having the ability to exercise the right to protect not only themselves but their family and property.
Of course except for the Sikh Temple Mass Shooting where 7 people died and others injured, but whats a mass shooting with National Attention amongst friends???

 We could also ask Bo Morrison if any of the bad things happened, but he is dead!

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  1. Great find! Where's the link that we can embed it with?

    I happened upon a certain Madison talk show host and told him this news today, and his jaw was on the floor. It's even better that it's Walker IN PERSON in the interview. He's not even on the phone!

    This needs to go viral, to show the level of lying and intentional ignorance of reality that is endemic in today's GOP. Paul Ryan's 2:55 marathon thinks Walker's telling a disgusting whopper.