Friday, September 7, 2012

He Can Run But He Can't Hide

It appears that Scott Walker has taken his junkets to a whole new level:
Gov. Scott Walker quietly traveled to Kosovo this week to visit Wisconsin Army National Guard soldiers.

The governor's office says he departed Tuesday and was expected to return to the state early Friday morning. Walker spokeswoman Jocelyn Webster says the governor spent about 30 hours in the country visiting with soldiers from West Bend-based Company F, 2nd Battalion, 238th Aviation Regiment and Detachment 1, Company B, 248th Aviation Support Battalion. The troops spent close to a year in Kosovo supporting a NATO peace-keeping mission.

Webster says the units are due to return to Wisconsin next week.

Walker's office didn't make his trip public until late Thursday afternoon. Webster says security concerns prevented releasing any information before he left and while was in Kosovo.
Hmm, flying to Kosovo to visit Wisconsin soldiers in Kosovo, eh?

That's the official story anyway.

Odds are he is just looking for a safe place where he can avoid protesters and/or John Doe investigators, even if just for a few days.

I think we can take a certain amount of pride that he has to go halfway around the world to do that.

The bad news is he's coming back. The worse news is that while he has been gone, Becky Kleefisch has been in charge. For realz.

Perhaps they could arrest Walker when he returns. There's gotta be a law against that somewhere.


  1. If Webster stated the troops were due to come home next week then why waste tax dollars flying 1/2 way across the world. Walker could have spent that money on a welcome home celebration for the troops and their families in West Bend, but that would have made it so protesters could also welcome them home and coward Walker.

    1. Excellent point on Walker's misuse of travel for political gain. If it had to be so secret, why even tell the public at all.
      Scott's obviously having to do PR for the complete disregard he has shown the military and veterans--look at Tim Russell's misdeeds, as well as what he has set in motion with the Veteran's home at King.
      The veterans are truly only a political football for Walker.
      Walker's campaign manager Michael Grebe (heads the Bradley Foundation) makes a lot of money himself as director at Oshkosh Truck, which gets all sorts of defense contracts.


    2. As a Democrat, I am glad to see that he supports Clinton's and the UN's peacekeeping missions overseas. I support those also.

  2. Maybe Walker just figured out the many locations across the the globe that our friends and neighbors in OUR Wisconsin National Guards are deployed to.

    Many people do not realize how spread out the United States armed forces are. Our active duty troops are spread across over 200 some odd bases now.

    Wisconsin Guards are deployed for their 15 day training period not only in the U.S., but also into many foreign countries. And then there is full activation, as needed, to anywhere in the world.

    What better public relations stunt than to support the troops....,
    while secretly working to cut their pay....,
    but stand up and try to set "the troops" as a higher form of society, more important than the normal "citizen," and definitely more important than Wisconsin's average "worker!"

  3. It's probably just a coincidence that Kevin Kavanaugh, the former Walker aide who is accused of embezzling money from a Veteran's charity, was due for a pretrial hearing this week.

    We might expect another coincidental Walker trip when Tim Russell and his Public Defender appear in front of a Judge. If someone cuts a deal, Scotty will definitely be in an undisclosed location.

  4. I've noticed that National GOP has been keeping Walker on a short leash and AWAY from the media after he got clocked on prime-time TV by Maddow and EdShow.

    1. It is going to come out that his people tricked wealthy right wing donors out of money that they intended to give to the vets.

      I wonder if the national donors to his cause will even care. I don't think they will, they are too greedy.

  5. They've been there a year and are coming home next week. So Scooter decides to use taxpayer money to go say howdy. What a worthless POS.

  6. Any idea how much this junket cost the State of Wisconsin?