Friday, September 7, 2012

The Two Minutes Of The DNC That Beat The Entire RNC

The Republicans can't contend with this:

'Nuff said!


  1. They put up a decidedly liberal war hero in the last election. Its arguable that he suffered just as much or more than she did for his country. But the dems couldn't vote for him because they hate women, especially governors from Alaska.
    It feels good to make things up as I go like you do!

    1. Then I take it you'll be voting for Tammy Baldwin, just because you don't hate women or gays, right?

    2. The Dems didn't vote for him because he was a Republican, he is anti-immigrant, anti-choice, he was even saying the economy was doing great at the time that people had lost retirement savings. As for Palin, she is not a good representative for most women in the US. She doesn't give substantive answers on any issues, just snide remarks and she also panders to fear and hate.

  2. How wonderful to see her to bad the democrats used her as a prop

  3. Nope, I agree with Capper here. She's not a prop, she's a human being and we all know her story. Her being there shows that she is strong and that while she was pushed out of office by the tragedy of her shooting, she is still able to matter in politics.