Friday, September 7, 2012

If Obama Is Bad, Romney Would Still Be Worse

The national August job numbers are out. They are less than one might have hoped for, with only 96,000 jobs being created. They also scaled back the numbers for June and July.

As one would expect, the right wing has jumped all over this.

Ironically, Scott Walker, who has lost more jobs than he has created since having the governor's seat bought for him, had the brass to criticize President Barack Obama, saying his agenda is not working. But we already knew that Walker has no sense of honor or integrity.

And, of course, the Koch Brothers have sent their hired minions to worry this news like a stressed out Schnauzer.

But before anyone feels like going on the defensive, listen to what the right is NOT saying.

While they are ripping on Obama for his lackluster numbers, what they don't talk about is what their plan is.

That is because their ticket, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, are nothing more than a more photogenic version of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. They're even pushing the same tax cuts that Bush/Cheney did. And we know how well that worked out:
Contrary to their oft-repeated claims, Republican tax programs that mainly benefit the rich have not promoted economic growth. During the 27 years from 1955 to 1982, with the top bracket tax rate at 70 percent or higher, the economy’s real growth averaged 3.21 percent per year. From 1983 to 2010, with the top tax rate cut in half to 35 percent, the economic growth rate averaged 2.85 percent. The net effect of making the rich richer was to increase the budget deficit and make the poor poorer.
And that doesn't even mention how much the Bush/Cheney tax cuts for the wealthy did for the deficit. But Crooks & Liars covered that years ago. For your reading convenience, and to help the conservative visitors who might have problems with reading comprehension, a couple of handy charts to show what the Republicans have done and will do to the deficit:

As you can see, while they are ripping on Obama for not cleaning up their mess fast enough, they are only proposing to make the mess even worse.

That would be like BP complaining that the EPA didn't clean up their oil spill in the gulf fast enough, and then offering to help by dumping more oil into the water.

Maybe that can be their slogan: Not only did we f**K things up, we want to f**k it up even more!

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