Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Little Too Little, Little Too Late

Far right wing blogger, tea party regular speaker, blogger and comedian Dr. Tim Nerentz has suspended his blog. He is taking an unspecified leave of absence!

For the moment, I have said everything I wish to say about economics, politics, business, government, candidates, parties, socialism, capitalism, and the virtue of living free.

   My reasons for taking a break are personal – there are a lot of other things that must get done, and I have no desire to risk either redundancy or irrelevance.      

Unfortunately for Dr. Tim, it appears its too late!   A couple years ago when I was at Blogging Blue, Dr. Tim and I had a long email exchange over one of his posts.  He seems like a very nice guy and our exchange was civil.   I finally offered him a deal, he could write a post and I would post it on BB and I would write one and he would post it on his site.  A little point/counter point of civil discussion reaching different readers.

Dr. Tim though had no interest in that, he only wanted to post on BB with no response from us.  the good doctor had no interest in discussion or compromise.  He had come to realize that there is pretty good money in throwing meat to the animals, and that is where his interest lay. As long as we have people like Dr. Tim it will make it that much harder to come together as a nation and solve our problems logically and sensibly!   Dr. Tim will not be missed.

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