Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Whole Lotta Dumb!

Tea Party Hate group leader, and Mark Neumann supporter Amy Kremer was on CNN recently and asked about her "tweet" that President Obama does not love our country they way Mitt Romney does!

Now we see why she gets along so well with Rebecca Kleefisch.  

There is not much there there!

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  1. I just can't understand how she can convince anyone of anything.

    She is really not aware of the facts. It is truly awful.

  2. I believe she is right!

    Mitt Romney loves America because he's rich and is entitled to do whatever he wants.

    Obama loves America because of the privileges and rights he has as U.S. citizen. Born in the U.S.A.

    Romney loves America because he and his cronies have bled it nearly dry to acquire their personal wealth. They've got theirs!

    Obama loves America because of the wealth of diversity it offers and encourages.

    Romney loves America because he has used the U.S. tax codes to feed even more money into his off shore bank accounts. Romney feels he is entitled to hide his tax returns from we the "little" people. Ain't America great.

    Commander in Chief Obama loves America because he honors those who serve in uniform. ALL who serve or have served.

    Romney / Ryan love the thought of returning America to the 1800's
    They long for the return to an America without healthcare, without a woman's right to choose, without voting rights for woman, blacks and latinos, without Medicare, without Social Security. An America for corporations by (buy) the rich. That's what Ryan / Romney LOVE!

    President Obama wants to grow America and strengthen it for all. Including the "least" among us.

    Simply said Obama CAREs!

    while ........

    Romney / Ryan plots for another "hostile takeover" of their next business target ... AMERICA

  3. After a while you got the feeling someone should just shoot her and put her out of her misery.

    NOT a call to violence! I just mean she isn't capable of defending her racist taunts. It was sad to watch.

    - SuzyMetta4

  4. I remember a time when there actually were intelligent women in the Republican Party. It looks like they've been thoroughly weeded out.
    You can get further in the party now by repeating myths, racial sterotypes and propagandistic lies than by using your ability to reason, negotiate and govern. Is it any wonder that women are running from the Republican Party like it was a polygamist cult?

    In the short run the Cons may triumph by playing the race hate, crazy God, personal resentment and dumb cards, but in the long run they are strangling themselves.

    It is said that Romney needs to win 61% of the "white" vote to win, which explains their monochromatic love fest. Every election that number will grow larger and I think they may finally be exhausting their supply of white idiots. Thus the attack on education?