Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sunday Discussion - Rally Speakers!

I just got back from Fighting Bob Fest, and while it was a great day and some amazing speeches, especially Mike Papantonio,  what was missing from the crowd was diversity and a younger audience.  

While I they had some great speakers and special guests, it is time to start bringing the demographics down. 

Who should they get to speak at a rally like this???    Tell me any name YOU would personally make an effort to go see!  

I have some ideas, I will share later!   


  1. What? Ed Garvey actually standing behind what he what he says and the majority of workers? You think this crew will do anything that might dilute his progressive(tm) brand?

    They don't want people of color there -- the lineup shows it and so does the mindless support for the most racist dysfunctional schools in America.

    John Nichols doing something more than grandstanding before his target market and actually working for change?

    You want diversity from a crowd that consistently stands up for the "rights" of teachers not to teach African Americans children to read?

    Fighting Bobfest does not exist to create a vehicle to bring us together -- this is how they manufacture the faux "expertise" to get on "big eds" show and prevent the left from having an inclusive dialog about some economic equity in America.

    Fighting Bobfest does not exist to create a robust dialog -- it exists to limit the debate to only benefit a few highly-paid professional organizations that had their feelings hurt.

    To the folks behind fighting bobfest, "progressive" is a brand which they own lock stock and barrel and they have no intention of letting the "undesirables" in.

    1. 9:06 obviously doesn't much care for progressive Democrats, so why hang out here like you're one of us?
      Yes, we DO want diversity, people of all backgrounds that chose to believe in a progressive form of the Democratic Party (the progressive part is really a set of tactics aimed at effecting to democratic election process--changing the entrenched status quo).
      Since Robert LaFollette is no longer with us, I would think Russ Feingold would give a great talk (recently published a book).
      Rachel Maddow, Thom Hartman, John Nichols are also fine speakers carrying on the tradition.

  2. I figured i would get more than one republican come in and try and make fun of Fighting Bob Fest but really all you have to do is point out how ridiculous one of their AFP/Maciver gatherings are to see they have no credibility....

    Vicki Mckenna, tony katz, tim phllips??? seriously?

    As for your suggestions, thank you. John Nichols speaks at every BobFest. Thom hartmann has been there before and is great but I was looking for some people that would appeal to a younger more diverse demographic.

    John Legend, Van Jones, Keith Ellison, Lee Camp, Jeneane Garofolo, Michael Moore, Diane Ravitch, melissa harris perry, Josh Fox, Matt Taibi, Alexandra pelosi, eva longoria, Kai Penn, Mark ruffalo, dean baker, paul krugman, aaron sorkin, Paul reikhoff, Peter Byck.....

    you get the drift!

    1. Thanks for responding to me. Come to think of it, Tammy Baldwin sure fits the bill. As I have yet to attend a Fest, but have thought that idea intriguing, I am nonetheless unaware of who's been there.
      I also am one of the few who doesn't get cable TV.
      Al Franken would be good, and he'd be funny about making his points, too! That's always welcome.
      All your choices listed are fine by me.