Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Backbone of Our Country

Is the Auto Industry and it has been getting much attention during this race(as it should) and it really shows the stark contrast between the two parties. 

We know that President Obama saved the American Auto Industry with a much needed loan.

We also know that while Paul Ryan did nothing to save the auto industry(he lost every single auto industry job in his district during his time in office. Not only did he do nothing to help, he is also trying to score political points on the back of his friends and neighbors!

Lyin' Ryan's new boss Mitt Romney would have been perfectly happy letting Detroit and the American Auto Industry go bankrupt!  

In the midst of our Bush recession, saving GM was a huge priority of helping us keep away from a depression.   Anyone who tells you we did not need to bail out the American car companies is not a serious player in the realm of ideas.    Without it our current system might have collapsed.  Besides, it is only fair since their competition get more government help than anyone

Thanks to President Obama for keeping our current auto industry open and for keeping this great country out of a depression!!!

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