Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Walker Budget Keeps On Working! Part CXLV

Just in time for Labor Day, we find that Scott Walker and his budget is continuing to be the death knell for even more jobs. This time, 200 iron workers are victims of his ruinous agenda:
Brillion Iron Works, a division of Evansville, Ind.-based Accuride Corp., is cutting 198 jobs in Brillion — including 184 hourly and 14 salaried positions — on Saturday.

The company in a statement Thursday said slowing demand in its core industrial markets is behind the move.

The company will still employ 584 workers in Brillion following those layoffs, which should allow it to meet its committments to customers the remainder of the year.

Brillion Iron Works said it will maintain seven work crews, instead of 11, and eliminate the majority of its temporary salaried positions.
This is sickening. With just two days warning, 200 people have had their lives thrown into complete turmoil just because Walker sold the state a false bill of goods and is systematically ruining our state.

He cannot get indicted soon enough.


  1. Why do so many workers vote for their GOP executioners? The GOP has spent decades making their party synonymous with IDENTITY - religious, racial, regional, occupational, etc. The GOP working class voters see themselves as voting for their tribe, extended family, etc. It becomes "MY party right or wrong, logical or illogical." As for losing jobs, Medicare, Social Security, "Surely the GOP politicians are talking about the blacks and Hispanics in code; they can't mean ME. My 'family' wouldn't screw me." The GOP has been able to pull this off so successfully because the Democrats politely looked the other way while the GOP was building a media and religious empire.

    1. Yes, IDENTITY plays a big part of their scheme of things. The Individual is revered, ask Ayn Rand and Ryan. Capitalism has its winners and losers. Why can't the "lower" classes and minorities share in the rewards? Discrimination is used to enforce their idealogical mantra of individualism. Those that don't fit in have no place in their system, or its rewards.
      I watched the GOP convention at times, and the crowd was about as pure as the 99.4% of Ivory Snow.
      Racism with the GOP? It's about as dependable as the sun coming up in the East.

  2. Are you or the Dems keeping track of these job losses in a spread sheet for the 2014 gubernatorial race? It'd be a pretty handy thing to have.

  3. What else is in Brillion?

    But, how did this area vote in 2010 and for the recall?

    One should compare how an area that has, more or less, mass layoff notices.