Sunday, September 2, 2012

Walker Is Not The Only Nixonian Republican In Fitzwalkerstan

It's already been pointed out that Scott Walker has more than a passing similarity to Richard Nixon.

There is the obvious Watergate - Walkergate connection.

John Dean, who served as counsel to Nixon, also did an analysis of Walker's personality and behaviors. He found that Walker out-Nixons Nixon, which comes as no surprise to anyone in Fitzwalkerstan.

But Walker isn't the only one with a Nixonian twist to them.

If the gentle reader will remember, at the Republican convention, Paul Ryan was introduced by Steve King. As xoff reports at the Paul Ryan Watch, King is not a good guy by any stretch of the imagination, and was Nixon's thug enforcer.

It is becoming increasingly impossible to believe that anyone could stick up for these reprobates, much less vote for them.

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  1. That Steve King is a real person of interest. He seems to connect Tommy Thompson (headed WI GOP mid 80s) with Paul Ryan (brother worked for King business). Then Scott Walker promotes Ryan and legacy of Thompson, although TT isn't really the Tea Party type.
    It was really funny when Reince Priebus spoke at the convention--he sounded as drunk as TT was back at Lambeau Field. Here & Now showed that, and Fredrica Freyburg seemed amused by what Reince had to say.