Friday, September 14, 2012

The Walker Budget Keeps On Working! Part CXLVII

The Walker economy keeps on killing jobs, and this time, it hurts Walker back:
Madison-based Capital Newspapers has cut 26 jobs across the company due to ongoing sluggish economic conditions, including four in the Wisconsin State Journal newsroom.

Across the company, the job losses affected 15 people — 13 full time and two part time. Another 11 vacant positions were eliminated. Capital Newspapers is co-owned by Lee Enterprises, the Davenport, Iowa, company that is responsible for the State Journal, and The Capital Times Co., which publishes The Capital Times.

In the State Journal newsroom, two full-time employees and one part-time employee were laid off and one vacant full-time job was closed down. The newspaper also reassigned two journalists to other duties in the newsroom.

In all, 11 departments were affected across Capital Newspapers, which also includes newspapers in Portage, Baraboo, Beaver Dam and Columbus.
With less reporters, that means less attention for Walker and less people to cover for his failing job numbers.


  1. Im not blaming this one on Walker, I blame this one on putting out a poor product!

    The lovefest with walker and the contoinual bashing of teachers has not played that well.

    1. Correct, this is a classic example of the downward spiral of corporate media. They cut costs, reduce the quality of the product, and hire people like Clay Barbour and Chris Rickert who toe the Lee Enterprises line. Then people cancel their subscriptions out of frsutration with the bad product, which leads Lee to cut more reporters and have even more hacks and low-quality coverage.

      Walker's probably happy with these cuts- it means even less investigation into his corruption and failures. You think it's a coincidence that the DNR story was broken not from the regular news staff at the WSJ, but the guy on the environmental beat?

  2. The stenographers of propaganda are finally reaping their reward for slandering a large portion of their readership, I mean former readership. Beyond that, third rate reporting and the new paywall for garbage isn't working, as any fool could have told them. At what point will Lee Enterprises pull the plug on the State Journal, permitting the cash flush Capital Times to buy out their share of Capital Newspapers and publish a real newspaper?

  3. The State Journal endorsed Walker, without much investigation into his background apparently, that was the day I cancelled my paper. They both will get what they deserve eventually! Too bad others at the paper have to lose their jobs over it!

  4. (should be "With fewer reporters...")

  5. Formerly lived in Madison as a student; formerly lived in Wauwatosa as a resident; now live in Fond du Lac as a resident/student.
    The move to consolidate ownership of newspapers in localities gives you a single, corporate, milktoast view of the news--it also cuts the number of jobs two thriving newspapers down to one, "efficient" operation.
    Cap Times was liberal, now only online, State Journal was your Republican paper.
    Growing up, the Journal was liberal (the "Daily Worker," so said my dad), the Sentinel Republican. Look at what Journal Communications has become!
    Fond du Lac had the locally-owned Commonwealth-Reporter. Then Thompson bought it, then selling it to Gannett. Honest local news has steadily decreased to the point where now they're brazenly Republican; nothing negative is ever said about Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Tommy Thompson, Mitt Romney, ad nauseum.
    Newspapers are usually anti-labor, even though they crusade as the pillars of public virtue. They can investigate others and publish it, but don't you dare investigate them--they'd call you a conspiracy theorist.

  6. The State Journal could improve dramatically by firing Chris Rickert, who hates living in Madison anyway, and give George Hesselberg his column back.