Saturday, January 5, 2013

Anonymous Brings Justice

A poor girl in Ohio who needed help and Justice!  

In one of the most disturbing stories I have ever read, comes from small town Ohio, where a 16 year old girl was allegedly gang raped by members of the local football team, and in a high school football town, the whole town turned against her

On August 27, 2012 two members of the Big Red High School football team in Steubenville, Ohio – USA were arrested and charged with the rape and kidnapping of an out of town 16 year old girl that took place on August 11th. At the time of this gang rape, the girl was intoxicated and unconscious. The victim had been intentionally drugged with a “date rape” intoxicant. She was photographed and video was taken of her in this condition, and there is evidence that she was hauled in a comatose state to multiple parties – and almost certainly raped by more members of the local high school football team than just the two players who currently stand charged. There is even evidence that she was urinated upon during this hideous assault.

Then in stepped Anonymous to help this poor girl get justice!  

Great post here with numerous links and more depth into this disturbing story!  


  1. I like Ana Kasparian's comment near the end, where she notes that Anonymous felt they had to step in because the cops, the school, and the media was failing to do its job in making these scumbags face accountability and consequence for what they have done.

    This is the bigger issue to me- far too often, people of high status and connections don't face the consequences for the damage they have done. I think it has to be made clear to these organizations (meaning media and crimninal justice), to DO THEIR JOB, or else we'll have to take matters into our own hands. And I don't think they'd want to see what results from that.

    Blogs like this are a way to do it, as is direct pressure on those authorities. We'd better prepare to use it.

  2. That Local Leaks website is fabulous--just the sort of citizen action that can restore self-government when the people we've elected to run our schools, law enforcement, and judicial system decide to serve only themselves and the well-connected in their communities.

    I just checked a nationwide newspaper listing; Steubenville has no local newspaper of its own. (This could be one of the conditions that allows local public officials to go so far off the rails.) It looks like the media markets serving Steubenville would be newspapers in Canton or Youngstown, OH; and television stations in Wheeling, WV and Pittsburgh, PA.

    I'm going to check out a few of their websites to see if the LocalLeaks website is being referenced there. If not, people like us could post links to it in comments.