Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nothing To See Here - Move Along!

I just received this in my email from the state's e-notify system, where they email you updates on various legislation, pending on your preferences:
Dear Wisconsin Legislative Notification Service user,

The Wisconsin Legislative Notification Service is currently offline pending an system upgrade timed with the Legislative Session turnover.

You can keep updated during this time with the Wisconsin Legislature’s Document Publisher which allows users to follow legislative activity using RSS feeds.  You can find out more about the RSS feeds here.

We will send you another email once the Notification Service is back online.

Please direct your questions, suggestions, or comments to Notify.Support@legis.wisconsin.gov

Thank you for your patience and for using the Wisconsin Legislative Notification Service
I'm sure it was merely "coincidental" that the system goes down at the beginning of the legislative session that will make 2011 look like the good old days.


  1. The fears that you express in this post are justified by the past actions of our Republican representatives in the House and Senate.

    But I sincerely hope that you head your own warning.

    You posted energetically during the 2012 presidential election. Now the candidate that you trumpeted has appointed John Brennan to lead the CIA. Brennan has pushed drones, torture and dishonesty. He was unappointable in 2008 because he was so closely linked to the Bush administration's policies.

    And you have nothing to say about this. Nothing.

    A few days ago, you posted Obama's speech on the disasterous "temporary fix" negotiated by Obama and the Democratic Party leadership on the fiscal cliff/austerity measures that both parties now embrace.

    You had nothing, absolutely nothing to say about the unfolding betrayal of FDR's legacy.

    Your uncritical and, frankly, blindly partisan posts are shredding your credibility and undermining your relevance as a meaningful source of developments and political commentary.

    If being a partisan tool is your objective, then congratulations. But I've seen better on this site, and hope that you rise to the challenge of seeing beyond simply blue versus red.

  2. Yeah, Capper. Why doesn't your Wisconsin legislature post discuss FDR? The anonymous conservative concern trolls would think so much better of you if you only talked about FDR at every opportunity.

  3. Does "Cognitive
    Dissidence" cover national news?? It seems to me they work with state issues.

  4. Hey, fellow Anon, you forgot to mention the biggest "aw, shucks" of all.

    All that campaigning and support we got from the White House during the recall.... But hey, this blog really isn't about all that. Go to the right side of the page for the blog links. Do you see OpEdNews, or Counterpunch or any of the other (international, beyong-partisan-and-Above-progressive) web sites you or I might go to? Not so much, I think.

    Which does not diminish the relevance for *mostly state and local* issues discussed here, or the perspicacity, astuteness and keen insight and observation brought to the commentaries on those topics.

    ....So :(

  5. Only speaking for myself, this is a non paid hobby gig....i write about what interests me the most THAT day. I always have 20-30 windows open of things I would like to get to, but then something crazier happens that day and the other stuff gets pushed back. Or else someone else might write about and say what I was going to say, so I leave it alone.

    There has been so much crazy in our state that its hard to take time to write about national issues.

    I am absoluetly against the drones attacks and not a big fan of Brennan, however he is not the first appointee of Obama's that i despised (and probably not the last). I have written plenty about Rahm!

    I wish i had the time to hammer every relevant topic of the day but I just dont!

  6. Chris: the fact you seem to attract more concern trolls than other sites is a feather in your cap.

    Btw: It's heed, not head.