Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Right's Greatest Fear: Independent Thought

It is no secret that the right wing spends unfathomable amounts of money on "controlling the message."  They have ersatz news media like Media Trackkkers, Wisconsin Distorter and MacGuyver Institute which are daily spewing the right wing talking points and trying to support them, even when they have to make up their own facts.

This was again demonstrated over the last couple of days.

Media Trackkkers thinks they have  a real scoop by trolling the Twitter feed of Graeme Zielinski, spokesman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, pointing out to a tweet showing that Zeilinski thinks that abortion is wrong.


Zielinski dared to show independent thought!  He dared to have an opinion that did not meet the marching orders of the party!  Actually, it's not that out of line.  The Democrats have long believed in giving women the choice of what would happen to their bodies.  

Furthermore, Democrats believe in keeping abortion legal and rare.  That's where education and preventative actions come in.  Y'know the things that the right opposes.

Another example is that the right wing propagandists have also did their usual practice of McCarthyism by searching the recall petitions for the names of Ed Fallone and Vince Megna.  Sure enough, they found them.

They tried to make the fact that these gentlemen signed the recall petition mean they they are somehow impartial and extremely liberal  (as if being liberal is a bad thing.)  This theme was picked up by the usual suspects such as Charlie Sykes.

They have a few problems with this approach.  

First of all, the recall was hardly strictly partisan.  I know of several conservatives and Republicans that signed the recall petitions and voted against Walker.

Secondly, if Act 10 is contrary to the Constitution as Fallone demonstrated, well, wouldn't that actually make him more conservative than Pat Roggensack who has already shown that she doesn't care what the law or the Constitution says?

Supposedly, the conservatives are pro-Constitution, although that would be a hard one to prove if one judges by their actions and beliefs.

What Fallone and Megna did is what every Wisconsinite, including Brian Sikma, Charlie Sykes and all of the other sockpuppets did - they exercised their right of democracy afforded to them by the Constitution.

For the right wingers to be so desperate to make it appear otherwise is only a sign of their fear that they will lose another statewide race.


  1. They seem to be winning most statewide races, without a clenched fist.

    1. Tell that to Tommy Thompson and Mitt Romney.

  2. Something funny about a union guy criticizing others for being afraid of independent thought.