Friday, January 4, 2013

Wisconsin Republicans Try to Leave Sandy Victims Stranded!

Today the redistricted republican led House FINALLY voted for $9 Billion dollars of relief efforts to the victims of Hurricane Sandy! 

The final tally was 354 - 67.  67 republicans voted NO to help the Hurricane sandy victims!

67 republicans voted no in helping their fellow Americans recover and rebuild their lives from the devastation of one of the biggest storms in our history!  

67 republican members of the US House of Representatives said I do not care that you need help, it is NOT coming!   

Among those 67 are some people we know well, please call them and tweet them and let them know what they did was unacceptable!

Paul Ryan @reppaulryan

  • Janesville office
    20 South Main Street, Suite 10
    Janesville, WI 53545
    Toll-Free: 1-888-909-RYAN (7926)
    Phone: (608) 752-4050
    Fax: (608) 752-4711

     Sean Duffy - @repseanduffy 

    208 Grand Avenue

    Wausau, WI 54403
    Phone: (715) 298-9344

     Tom Petri 

    490 West Rolling Meadows Drive, Suite B

    Fond du Lac, WI 54937

    Phone: 920-922-1180
    Fax: 920-922-4498

    F. James Sensenbrenner - @jimpressoffice
     (262) 784-1111 

    Please do not talk to me about what great Christians they are, or that they just want whats best for America like everyone else.  This was the move of an asshole and I hope when Karma strikes it will be on them and not on the great state of Wisconsin when we need help!   

     By the way, Congress passed $60 billion in Katrina relief just 10 days after the hurricane struck. It's now been 10 weeks since Sandy hit.

    Here is Paul Ryan washing all morals and ethics off of his body! 


    1. Karma exists. We'll just wait until a natural disaster hits one of their districts. Then they'll be crying like babies at their mama's tits for money from the Feds. Too bad, it will take months, if at all, to happen. Bunch of effin' sociopaths one and all.

    2. Agreed but the problem with that is their districts are US!

    3. In all seriousness, we could be in need of FEMA type assistance in the wake of the blizzard last month, or another this winter. You think these dopes won't be humiliated when ( and it is a when for the self-absorbed pricks) they ask for aid. SHAME

      1. Right, or a flood, a drought or a tornado.

    4. Actually we already have received a lot of federal aid in the last year, from the flooding in the far north and far west to the drought condition throughout the state.

    5. Paul ryan/sean duffy are even bigger Asses than i thought!