Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Abele Declares Today To Be Wednesday

It's common knowledge that Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele is extremely arrogant and narcissistic, not to mention disingenuous and manipulative.

Today is a fine example of that as evidenced by this Facebook entry:
Just attended and spoke at the Annual Purple Heart Recognition Day ceremony that recognizes and honors the recipients of the Purple Heart for their selfless dedication and service. I've declared today to be Purple Heart Day throughout Milwaukee County.
It's nice that Abele will give our veterans some lip service that he recognizes them, even though when it comes to actually doing it, he calls it "bullshit."

The funny thing is that what he is declaring is already happening, since it's actually National Purple Heart Day*.  I can't wait for Abele to declare it to be officially Thanksgiving and Christmas in Milwaukee County.

To be fair, I'd rather have Abele doing stuff like this than neglecting things to the point where the courthouse catches fire or trying to destroy what's left of our transit system.

What this does is bring up the question of whether we really need - or can afford - a county executive.  

Especially this one.

*I hear that Abele's personally owned county supervisor, Deanna Alexander, was especially upset when she learned it wasn't National Purple Unicorn Day.


  1. Milwaukee’s county executive does bring undeniably arrogant and imperious traits to county government, but I’m not sure that referring to him as the “emperor” best describes his management style and whole history.

    The voters of Milwaukee County should have seen what lay in store for them when the Journal’s Watch-Poodle, Bice, pointed out:

    “…Abele needed seven years and a bench warrant to settle a 1996 ticket for drunken driving in Glendale. ...One of Abele's neighbors, personal injury attorney Michael Hupy, accused Abele of throwing a lighted firework at Hupy over a fence. Also, Abele has received nearly 100 parking tickets in Milwaukee since January 2007. He also has not paid any state income taxes in at least eight years and federal income taxes in recent years. He has pointed to the fact that he... gives large sums to charity.”

    Abele’s too asinine, juvenile and irresponsible to be an “emperor.”

    “Popinjay,” “punk,” or “Milwaukee County’s First Duuude” might be more descriptive. Aspiring wannabe in the Billionaire Boy’s Club who had the stones to lie to us flat out before the election, that he was going to…

    “bring real change to Milwaukee County government rather than continuing the failed Scott Walker policies that caused these problems in the first place.”

    (From that same Watch-Poodle link, above.)

    When the only choice in the election was Abele or Jeff Stone, a whole lot of people looked at his charitable giving and unassuming public profile, crossed their fingers and prayed that he really would be different.

    Based on his performance in office – amplifying and increasing Walker’s Top-Down, authoritarian policies – Abele should be impeached or recalled. The giveaway to MV transportation for local bus service has to be the last move he ever tries to make in that direction.

    This is what’s been written about MV transportation:

    MV Transportation is dedicated to transforming the honorable and respectable trade of driving for a living into the likes of working for MacDonald's or Target, only without the benefits, security, so long as they get their way and keep unions out, and without decent and humane treatment. They are monsters praying on the people desperate to cut corners, make budget cuts, and provide minimal quality service in driving related services and public transportation. The most horrible thing about them is that they seem to be making money hand over fist snatching up contracts with fake low bids and then just doing whatever it takes to eek out a barely passable service, or by just finding excuses or people to blame. Or whatever. Check the reviews on them and the articles about law suits, or talk to somebody who has worked for them.

    It's pitiful.:

    ...There was an article the other day on widely publicized public giving by extremely wealthy individuals, (or “conscience laundering”) which I wish I’d seen before Abele ran for office.

    Excerpt, quoting Peter Buffett, son of the world's 4th wealthiest human:

    n elite philanthropic gatherings, notes the 55-year-old Buffett, you’ll see “heads of state meeting with investment managers and corporate leaders,” all of them “searching for answers with their right hand to problems that others in the room have created with their left.”

    And the answers that do eventually emerge seldom discomfort the problem-creators. These answers almost always keep, Buffett charges, “the existing structure of inequality in place.”

    Peter Buffett dubs this comforting charade “conscience laundering.” Philanthropy helps the wealthy feel less torn “about accumulating more than any one person could possibly need to live on.” They “sleep better at night while others get just enough to keep the pot from boiling over.”

    ...In hindsight, Jeff Stone would have been the less onerous, oppressive, insincere, fraudulent, two-faced choice.

    1. Finally I am not the only one calling for his recall.

      I am starting to believe Stone would've been a far better choice. Abele hoodwinked us. He has to be stopped before more in Milw Cty are left to die or worse if the Behavioral health complex is shut down.