Friday, August 30, 2013

Victim Of Capitol Police Brutality Speaks Out

Earlier this week, Dave Erwin and his storm troopers took things to a new level of depravity by becoming violent against people observing and photographing the Solidarity Singalong.  I'm sure it was purely coincidental that both men who were brutalized happened to be black.

Workers Independent News, which has been taking a keener and keener interest in the SSA, has a special report including testimony from C.J. Terrell, one of the victims of the police brutality:

I have no idea what they hope to gain with this continued idiocy, but what ever it might be, it's already starting to backfire on Walker and his presidential pipe dreams. The left will only hate him more for his fascist ways and the right will be disappointed in his inability to intimidate the singers.

Hmm, maybe that's what he meant with Unintimidated. He must have meant unintimidating.

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