Saturday, August 24, 2013

Two More Milwaukee County Communities To Vote On Citizens United Referendum

I just received this email from our friends at Grassroots North Shore:
Please join campaign lead, Shirley Horowitz, and volunteers as they turn over the Move to
Amend petitions to village officials.  in Whitefish Bay where we needed 1090 signatures for the referendum we will be handing in 1380 signatures.  Next in Shorewood where we needed 1060 signatures we will be submitting 1220.

Thank you to all who circulated and signed petitions.  Look for referendums on the Spring ballot.

Grassroots North Shore
That's three Milwaukee County communities that are going to have their voices heard.

For other Milwaukee County citizens to be heard, they will have to go about to get petitions signed and have their communities put this on their ballots.

Of course, as I recently pointed out, all of this time, effort and money could have been saved if Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele hadn't sided with the corporations, oligarchs and plutocrats.


  1. Well done, North Shore suburbs!

    It's OK if Abele keeps wussing out on this issue, as it can be hung like a millstone around his neck and the other pro-oligarch politicians for the next 14 months. Wouldn't be so bad if it was an issue for the April 2014 local elections...and 2014 state ones.

  2. I'm tickled that there's a "Grassroots North Shore". Villiage officials will be too.

  3. What a great idea. Good Luck to you All.