Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cronyism In The Capitol - So What Else Is Old?

The gentle reader might remember the name Judith Rhodes Engels.

She was involved in the original caucus scandals from a decade ago, soaking the taxpayers for over $6,000 in legal fees for her illegal politicking.

Her name came up again several times during Walkergate.  She had been caught out posing as a Milwaukee County resident and joining Scott Walker on his campaign bike ride.  She was also found to be the main fundraiser and very special friend of State Senator Scott Fitzgerald.

And even though she was strictly a political operative, it turns out that she was inexplicably involved in a number of emails regarding the gerrymandering scandal.  This was, of course, highly unusual and probably illegal, since she should not have been involved in official government business.

But all of this is just par for the course for Walker and his ilk.

Just as is the cronyism that prevails in Walker's regime.

That's why it should come as no surprise that Tom Engels, Judi's hubby, is leaving his position with the Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin on August 16 to take a position in Walker's administration.  Despite the fact that this was to remain strictly hush hush until Walker made his announcement, indications are that Engels will be in the Department of of Registration & Licensing, Walker's favorite political appointee dumping ground.

Indubitably, Engels is being rewarded with this job for the way his wife has put herself out in years of service to the GOP.

Funny thing is, I don't see the couple doing any carpooling:


  1. And the good old hen house get another old crow!

  2. liz woodhouse, part ii.

  3. Sounds like Rod Blagojevich is the governor.

  4. It is easy to see why these Republican leaders like the perks that come with their positions. It looks like they all get their own personal concubine to enjoy while in Madison. Fitzgerald, Hopper and now Vos have all scored up and coming attractive rep women to comfort them at night, while we pay the perdiems to support their daliances.
    And then they have the gall to purport their righteous Christian beliefs. Sickening!