Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Return of the Solidarity Fish Fry

Almost a year ago, the members of Local 122, who worked at Serb Hall in Milwaukee, came to the Milwaukee Area Labor Council asking for help.  The management at Serb Hall was trying to bust the union and was mistreating the workers.

To show our support for the beleaguered workers, Randy Bryce of Ironworkers Local 8 and I started a little Solidarity Fish Fry.  Every Friday evening, Randy and I and a large group of people would go to Serb Hall and would ask to be seated at a union table.  Then we would make sure we left the union waitress a large tip and made sure that management knew that it was the union that kept us coming.
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Sadly, management at Serb Hall bargained in bad faith and tried to sabotage the union at every turn.  Eventually, they just stopped even dealing with the union.  At that we ended the Solidarity Fish Fry and started to boycott the place.

Sadly, the union is done.

Fortunately, the solidarity remains, strong as ever.

To commemorate that fact, we thought that there would be no better way to start off a Labor Day weekend than with some solidarity.  And the best way to do that is with the Return of the Solidarity Fish Fry.

So with that, consider this an open invite to join us this Friday for some very good fish (everyone agrees that Clifford's is much superior to Serb Hall) and some great solidarity.

And as a special treat, Randy has been working on a new dance.  It's based on the Carlton and he calls it the Tartar Ton.

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