Thursday, August 8, 2013

John Doe Meets A Purple Unicorn

I received this in the email today from an anonymous reader:

Click to embiggen
In itself, it's not too interesting.  But the two things I would point out is that the self-described independent Libertarian and ethically-challenged Deanna Alexander is doing an awful lot of schmoozing with the Republicans, almost as if she thinks she might have a chance at being reelected, much less going on to a higher office.

I would also point out the sender of the invitation, Rose Ann Dieck. The gentle reader might recall that Dieck was a good buddy to Darlene Wink and was given immunity in the Walkergate investigations.

I'm sure that these two women will have so much to discuss - such as the proper way to shake someone down and how to get immunity.

But it is remarkable how little shame these right wingers have these days, especially with whom they associate.


  1. Naturally it confuses you. It's an invitation.

  2. Be aware, fellow GOPers. Rose Ann Dieck is a SNITCH. Be careful. Be VERY careful what you say to her. Unless you give her BIG bucks, she'll squeal on YOU.

    Better thought: Skip the whole event so that you don't have to shell out cash to someone who will stab you in the back.