Thursday, August 8, 2013

Karma Catches Up To Kreiser

Two years ago, a state employee named Chris Larsen was terminated from his job.  His sin was to send out an email saying that people were able to get free picture ID's despite a memo from Steve Krieser, third in command at DOT.  Via Caffeinated Politics, the incriminating email read thus:
Steve Krieser
“Do you know someone who votes that does not have a State ID that meets requirements to vote? Tell them they can go to the DMV/DOT and get a free ID card. However they must ask for the free ID. a memo was sent out by the 3rd in command [Steve Kreiser] of the DMV/DOT. The memo specifically told the employees at the DMV/DOT not to inform individuals that the ID’s are free. So if the individuals seeking to get the free ID does not ask for a free ID, they will have to pay for it!!
Amazingly, nothing happened to Krieser, even though his order was unethical at best.

Fast forward two years and Karma has finally caught up with him when he went on a racist tirade about a sticker that was supposed to represent a hunting permit for illegal immigrants:
In a stunning online rant, a top Gov. Scott Walker appointee likened illegal immigrants to Satan during a Facebook debate over a bumper sticker declaring open season on foreigners living in the U.S. without documentation.

"You may see Jesus when you look at them," Steven Krieser, assistant deputy secretary at the state Department of Transportation, wrote Tuesday regarding illegal immigrants. "I see Satan."

Krieser wrote that a "stream of wretched criminals" is crossing the border without obstruction. These individuals, he said, "completely ruined" entire states and industries, breeding "the animus that many American citizens feel toward them."

Walker's response was swift and dramatic.

Less than two hours after his office was informed of the rant, Walker fired Krieser. The gubernatorial appointee had been paid $96,628 a year as the No. 3 official at DOT.

"These comments are repugnant, completely unacceptable, and have no place in Governor Walker's administration," said Tom Evenson, spokesman for Walker. "Governor Walker condemns his views, and they do not represent the governor or his administration in any way."
Krieser's exact comments was the usual ill-informed claptrap that one would expect to hear from radio squawkers like Charlie Sykes or Mark Belling:
Sorry Joe, but I'm not with you on this one. The sticker is probably over the top, and while some people are undoubtedly motivated by racial animus, I think you err in insinuating that opposition to illegal immigration generally is driven primarily by racism.

As one of your other commenters here pointed out, it's pretty easy for a person to sit in Madison, Wisconsin, and tut-tut people in Arizona and some of the other states that have been completely ruined by illegal immigration and cast aspersions on their frustration with the complete inability of our federal government to defend the sovereignty of our borders. The whole social safety net and educational systems of entire southern states have been crushed under the weight of these criminals who commit another crime with every breath they take here, having snuck across the border. They routinely steal the identities of millions of legitimate, actual Americans, causing untold grief and billions in individual and business losses annually. Long-time landowners along the Mexican border - American taxpaying citizens trying to live out life on their own land, have seen their ranches completely overrun with violent criminals who routinely raid their homes and trash their land as the stream of wretched criminals continues to flow unabated to the north, day after day, night after night. And the whole service and agricultural employment sector has been skewed against actual Americans as unscrupulous, treasonous employers have replaced citizens with "undocumented" help for which they pay no tax, pay no unemployment insurance, pay no workers compensation, etc.

Then, on top of it all, we get to be treated to the incredible chutzpah of hundreds of thousands of these criminals marching in the streets in broad daylight, demanding all the benefits of citizenship from a country whose laws they are breaking even as they are standing there. The illegals themselves have bred the animus that many American citizens feel toward them You may see Jesus when you look at them. I see Satan. And if they don't like it here, hey, the door they came through to get here swings both ways.
Walker was correct in firing Krieser, but it does leave me wondering did he do it because it was the right thing to do or because he couldn't have Krieser making him look bad as he tries to gain some traction of his presidential bid.

Sadly, given the kinds of garbage coming from Walker's administration, firing Krieser is akin to throwing a deck chair off of the sinking Titanic.

Finally, but not least, credit needs to go to Representative Josh Zepnick for standing up and taking the bigoted Krieser on.  This is what we need more of from all our elected officials on all levels of government.


  1. Sadly, Krieser is factually correct about the impacts of unchecked illegals invading this country...but with over two decades of our sensibilities being marinated in a simmering (and simpering) stew of "political correctness" trumping factual analysis, firing is what happens when the truth isn't prettied up enough. Don't believe it? Try reading right out of the FBI reports on race and crime on some street corner in Milwaukee or'll be speaking nothing but actual facts, but see what you are called or what happens to you for speaking factually.

    1. If you think Krieser's rant is factually accurate, then you are as much a racist as Krieser. When was Arizona "ruined?" What industries were ruined? Are the owners of businesses that hired undocumented workers at all responsible for hiring them? Krieser's rant has many more false claims. Krieser and Anonymous at 7:14 provide two more examples of racists justifying their racism with racist statements while claiming they are not racists.

    2. Here, I thought it was republicans that"ruined" Arizona!

  2. It's "realist," not "racist."

  3. Let's compromise: Real racist.

  4. Steve,

    I am sorry I have to fire you, but I'm running for Preside... er re-election for Pete's sake.
    -Scott Walker- a la the Mittster.