Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Scott Walker: Did I Say That?

Do you remember when Scott Walker was running for governor and he promised he would create 250,000 jobs in his first term?

Well, he wishes you would stop doing that.

On Monday, Walker went into weaselspeak mode to say that he didn't really mean that pledge to create all those jobs:
On Monday in Merrill, he carefully backed away from the specific number.

"My goal wasn't so much to hit a magic number as much as it was, in the four years before I took office, when I was campaigning, I saw that we lost over 133,000 jobs in the state. I said, 'it's really not about jobs, it's about real people, real jobs like those here, and more importantly, affecting real families all across the state,'" Walker said.
His goal wasn't so much to hit a magic number...

Hmmm. Why don't we review what he really said his goal was:

Oh! So his goal wasn't to hit a magic number. His goal was to exceed a magic number.

Scott Walker lied through his weasel teeth. Who'd have thunk it?!

Who, that is, that isn't part of the main stream media or a Teapublican that is part of the scheme.


  1. The Scott Walker-created Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation exemplifies the disaster of Walker’s job creation strategies. WEDC “lost” track of $69 million in loans. Who owes the money? No one knows. We do know WEDC Chairman Scott Walker received $429,060 in campaign contributions from the businessmen, who got grants and tax credits from his new job-creation agency. How many jobs did WEDC money (AKA taxpayer money) create? No one knows. All we do know about WEDC job creation are jobs for some of Walker’s cronies. With Walker’s clear pattern of corruption, if we ever do find out where the money went, I am confident that we will find more corruption. But not job creation.

  2. Rules and accountability don't apply to us- 21st Century GOP motto.

    Hilariously, if Wisconsin had merely kept up with the U.S. rate of job growth since Walker took office, we'd be closing in on 150,000 jobs by now. Instead we probably won't make 150,000 for the four years of this bum's term. Funny how that happens with cronyists who have never had a real job themselves.

  3. This is where not believing in science get's these idiots. They don't realize that there are these strange magical devices that can record audio and video, and are a great means to preserving history.

    If I'm not mistaken, his ads and his rhetoric during the debates was continually about 250,000 jobs. But as always, his supporters will follow in lock step with the college dropout and spew the same BS he's been doling out for years.

  4. Integrity,

    Does Walker even know the meaning of the word.

    That's all I have to say.

  5. In 2009, 33.6% of Wisconsin families were economically disadvantaged , in 2013, 41.4% are economically disadvantaged according to state statistics, so how is life better in the good old dairy state under this monolithic and stupid regime?

  6. Walker is a human black hole. All truth is sucked-up into a dark moral vacuum and obliterated the second he walks into a room. He reminds me of that John Lovitz character from "Saturday Night Live", the pathological liar.
    Yeah, that's the ticket!

  7. Scott Walker is a perfect politician for these times. His supporters do not hold him accountable for his failed promises, false statements or misdeeds in public office. He panders to public opinion and the private dollar. His only concern is election to the next higher political office.

    1. Well said! Enough said in your statement to basically sum his crappy governorship up in an nutshell!