Thursday, August 8, 2013

Abele's Transit Troubles Mount

Last week, I reported about how Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele fouled up the bidding for the contract to operate the Milwaukee County Transit System.  Long story short:
In summary, Emperor Abele has a tantrum and fires the top four people in DPW, which leads to a bungling of paratransit contracts which could cost taxpayers up to $9 million. To cover up and correct his error, Abele decides to go from a local, nonprofit company with a stellar record to an out of state, for profit company with a long history of screwing over workers, strikes and poor performance.

And Abele thinks that this is a good thing. And he expects the County Board to just approve what he puts in front of them without knowing whether this is the best bid or even if it was done legally. It sure seems to me that the county is being exposed to another costly lawsuit, thanks to Abele.
Lo and behold, the predicted lawsuit has been filed:
The company that runs the Milwaukee County Transit System is suing the county to stop secret contract negotiations with another firm.

Milwaukee Transport Services Inc. is seeking an order requiring the county to give it information on which to base an appeal to the decision to switch management of the local bus system to the Texas-based MV Transportation.

MTS also wants a restraining order to halt county contract talks with MV and give MTS more time to file an appeal.
The article also confirms another point I made last week, which is the reason Abele is playing games with the contract is to keep it all under wraps until he can give the contract to MV Transportation.

Nothing like a complete lack of transparency in government to build faith in it.  And we can't have transparency or integrity because that's not "efficient" enough for Abele.

The worst part is that, thanks to Abele's power grab through Act 14, the County Board isn't going to be able to fix the mess he's making of things.

If they were going to concentrate all that power into the hands of one person - which is never a good idea to begin with - at least they could have done it with a person who knows what the hell they are doing.  Of all the descriptions one could use for Abele, that is not one of them.


  1. Isnt all privatization good?
    I mean gee... that's all management is, right?

    1. A for profit private company can not run as economically as a not for profit private company.

  2. Now are you Liberals ready to recall this bum who clearly isn't a Liberal, a Democrat, or a rational, reasonable human being? I've been saying that we need to recall him for months but mums the word apparently. What else will you all allow him to do before you finally draw a line in the sand?

  3. Troubles? You can point out that they're mounting, and the evidence will be there.

    For a normal person, a responsible, ethical manager, it might mean something.

    But Abele? Expecting him to show any sensitivity or conscience or sense of obligation or culpability is most likely a waste of time. He's never demonstrated any of those qualities. The non-tax-paying (state or Federal), non-parking-ticket-paying, firecracker-throwing (at people) sophomoric wanker is *always* in some kind of conflict or trouble because that's who he is.

    He has to be stopped on this bus company privatization give-away (or sell-off), and he should be removed from office.

    I actually called his office and left messages asking to speak with someone about the terrible track record that MV Transportation has, and no one returned any of the calls.

  4. Talk about Abele not knowing his rear from a whole in the ground. How can you honestly award a contract to a company that is on the verge of going out of business. I understand that MV Transportation is barely keeping their heads above water, and they want to come in a try to round a bus company much bigger than any they are running now. That can only mean disaster for the long established Transport Company and it's employees. Get rid of Abele.


  5. Will someone please do research on Tom Wittig, proposed General Manager under the MV contract??? He's been fired from virtually every position he's held for gross misconduct. He has a horrible reputation in the industry, and he does not possess a college degree. This needs to get out to the press!

  6. Wittig was with the Belle Urban System in Racine in 2006 for a few months. Belle Urban System has had 8 transit managers in the past 10 years. That's a fact so read between the lines. Wittig, if you did your research has won transit awards and is well respected. Look what he has done in Green Bay alone. You must be an unhappy former employee who didn't get their way.