Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wisconsin Cuts Most People Off Of Medicaid

Well, Scott Walker finally gets to be number one at something - being his own death panel:
Wisconsin would cut more people from Medicaid than any other state as part of a plan advanced by Republican Gov. Scott Walker, according to an independent analysis of data by Kaiser Health News.

About 92,000 Wisconsin citizens, including 87,000 parents and caretaker relatives, and 5,000 childless adults with incomes above the federal poverty level, would lose the Medicaid coverage they previously had as a result of a waiver. Those people would be sent to the online insurance marketplace.

At the same time, the state is planning to add 100,000 Wisconsin childless adults with incomes below the poverty level to Medicaid.

Wisconsin is one of only four states that will reduce their Medicaid eligibility, according to the report. The other three, and the number of people who will lose coverage, will include: Maine, 35,000; Vermont, 19,000 and Rhode Island, 6,700.  Kaiser Health News collected enrollment data from the four states. The changes they plan still need federal approval, which is expected.

Millions of adults nationwide will gain Medicaid coverage next year under the Affordable Care Act.

However, Walker rejected millions in federal funding to expand Medicaid for three years in the state, according to the State Legislature's nonpartisan Fiscal Bureau.
Obviously, it's because he cares too much.

And to think, Walker actually believes that cutting more people off of Medicaid than all the other states combined will get him to the White House.

Or maybe he is just trying to outdo Michele Bachmann for the most psychotic of them all.


  1. Scott Walker is following the Republican plan to lead the USA to single payer. The benefits of single payer are obvious. Lower health care costs. Businesses would no longer have the burden of paying for employee health insurance.

    Because Republicans want single payer, they are vehemently opposing Obamacare to make it fail. Obamacare is the last chance for private health insurance companies. If Obamacare fails, then private health insurance is doomed. The reasons are because too many Americans will have no health coverage, while at the same time, hospitals are required to treat those with serious medical conditions. As millions more Americans have no health insurance, but become sick and cannot afford to pay for the healthcare, the system will collapse. Hospitals are not paid for treating those without health insurance, so they shift more and more of that cost to those paying for health insurance. This drives private health insurance costs further into unaffordability, forcing even fewer to have health insurance.

    Obamacare creates universal access to affordable health insurance. Payments into the private health insurance system are spread to a larger pool to include all companies with over 50 employees and all Americans except those with the lowest incomes. Consequently successful implementation of Obamacare would keep the private health insurance system from collapsing. Republicans know this would make implementing single payer much more difficult.

  2. Walker Sucks Life out of Medicaid

  3. If the republicans want single payer they should just say so. Most democrats will agree with them.