Saturday, August 17, 2013

More of Scott Walker's Legacy

H/T Craig Spaulding for the pic

Everyone sleep peacefully....the Raging Grannies have been apprehended!

Scott Walker ---- Still unintimidated!  


  1. Hey, if they're too irresponsible to get an ID to vote, why should anybody expect them to get a permit to disrupt business at the state capitol?

    Evil Republicans!

    We should all join our friends in Egypt in Solidarity while they burn churches and crucify their patrons. Coexist!

  2. Pretty sure some nice haldol or seroquel will help with that

  3. Looks to me, a real need to be handcuffed.

    Capital police are an embarrassment to Wisconsin and police everywhere.

  4. What's been happening in the rotunda is so wrong on so many levels a person simply doesn't know where to start.

    But I would like to say that the attitudes and behaviors of the Capitol Police were quite different under Chief Charles Tubbs, even during the first year after Walker took over. My time working at the capitol ended in 2010 and our office had an excellent working relationship with the Chief and his police force, many of whom were known to us on a first name basis. Please don't generalize about and caricature the entire unit as I'm sure some of those men and women I used to know well are still on the force, and must be sick at heart.