Thursday, August 22, 2013

Questions Abound In Courthouse Fire

As the gentle reader knows, on July 6, 2013 there was a massive fire at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. Most of the courthouse was shut down for a week due to the damage and inability to keep the building adequately powered during that time.

The local paper is now reporting on some new evidence that has come out which really answers nothing.  The gist of the article is that there is still no explanation for a 24 minute delay in the reporting of the fire to the Milwaukee Fire Department, which Zach Wisniewski at Blogging Blue has pointed out.

But other questions which are just as pertinent, if not more so, also still remain:

This is starting to smell of a cover up, similar to the one Scott Walker pulled with the tragedy at O'Donnell Park while he was running for governor.


  1. I have a serious question for you: is everything that happens involving people you disagree with a conspiracy? Do you in any way acknowledge the possibility that maybe, just maybe, a fire happened on a Saturday when few people were in the building, someone (apparently in the Jail/Sheriff's Office) didn't know what to do or took too long to make the call, and maybe that's it? Maybe Cindy Van Pelt was on vacation at the time because...well, because she had scheduled a vacation for that time? Is that even a remote possibility as far as you're concerned?

    Is it possible Van Pelt was let go for reasons that should not be explained because it's not really appropriate to dish on the reasons you let them go? Maybe they're sparing her some grief or embarrassment?

    In other words, can you maybe wrap your head around the concept that stuff happens?

    Massive? Was the fire really "massive" or do you think maybe that's a slight over statement? Did it engulf several rooms? A whole floor? A series of floors? Did the report to which you refer state that the electrical equipment was in imminent danger of failing, or did it say it's near it's useful life?

    Must everything you encounter in your daily life be evidence of some deep, dark, vast conspiracy?

    1. When your job is the director of risk management and there is a fire causing millions of dollars of damage and shutting down your main building, your vacation ends. That is part of the job.

      As for her firing, if it was just her, you would have a point. But when he has fired over a dozen people without explanation, that should raise a red flag.

      And unless you're going to pay for the millions of dollars of damage, I would call it massive.

      Now let me ask you, did you ask Abele and his staff if they were conspiracy nuts when they accused the Board of joining with the Sheriff or are you just a hypocrite?

    2. Anon 9:41pm Hit it out of the park. It's not just the absurdity of his conspiracies that doctors may have interest in? But also the scale/scope.

      Every reposted blurb, video or link is the most catastrophic thing to happen hour ago. Everyone is in on it. All dissenting views stem from openly bad intent.

      Mix in lack of creativity. And you end up with a stalker page. A grown cartoon needing every fallen bird's nest to be laid at the same door step.

      I hear this is how Poe went out. And he could actually write!

    3. Poe also didn't hide his identity like the spineless do on here.

  2. Of course I'm a hypocrite, I voted for Scott Walker 3 times. I'm a Republican.

  3. Everything Republican is CONspiring against the people and their commons in this state. If you choose to close your eyes and walk the plank, it is your right, but others will not go down so easy. Ask the raging Grannies singing for rights of all, all the way to the jail cell.

    I thought it was proven the REPUBLICANS did conspire against the people in the state signing a pledge to NOT talk to the people about the redistricting maps. Remember Republican judges even reprimanded them for that.