Thursday, August 22, 2013

Kenosha County Pushes For Citizens United Overturn

The Kenosha County Board passed a resolution to urge state and federal lawmakers to pass a law to
overturn Citizens United:
The Kenosha County Board approved a resolution Tuesday night directing state and federal lawmakers to work to overturn the Citizens United Supreme Court decisiion. 
The resolution, introduced by Supervisors Rick Dodge and Mike Underhill, aims to curtail what the authors described as “an explosion of money being spent by large corporate, union and association interests in an effort to directly influence elections in a way which would most benefit them.”
They join several communities and more than one third of the states to pass a Move to Amend type of legislation.

The Milwaukee County Board had passed a resolution to have a referendum on this as opposed to arbitrarily setting this policy.

Milwaukee County Emperor Chris Abele said that people voting was similar to a Facebook poll and then tried to illegally charge the Move to Amend activists nearly $20,000 to put the referendum on the ballot.  When the activists refused to cave in to his extortion, Abele sat on the resolution, vetoing it only after it was too late to get the referendum on the ballot.

Move to Amend and other civic groups have started working one community at a time to get the referendum on the ballot.  They have already succeeded in Wauwatosa and are nearly there in Shorewood.

Ironically, Abele claimed to have vetoed the resolution because it would cost too much to let the people have a voice.  Now that they are having to do it community by community, it's going to cost taxpayers more than if the county had done it last year.

This is what Abele calls efficiency.  I call it idiocy.


  1. "The Kenosha County Board passed a resolution to urge state and federal lawmakers to pass a law to
    overturn Citizens United."

    So all county boards are equally inept? God save the Queen!

    Anyone want to remind me of another instance when the hill over-ruled a SCOTUS decision re: constitutionality? And what was Harry Reid going to do with your FB poll? Print it out and throw it a Roberts? ;)

    You know who "passes resolutions" to "urge" things? People who want to be noticed asking.

    But, of course, this whole roll of Bounty was just another poorly padded landing strip for the crash/crush de jour. Abele.

    If you just repeat his name enough times, he'll notice you! He will! He must!

    1. Thank God someone realizes that the Voice of the People should be seen and not heard. People have no business interjecting themselves into how American government does business. After all, the chief business of the American People is business. When People think they are more important than business, then People will be given more importance than business. What kind of crazy talk is that?

    2. No where in that rambling over-reach did you even attempt to respond to the first comment.

      If you need a poll to make your voice're a moron. And likely not worth hearing.