Friday, August 30, 2013

Pennsylvania Government Compares Gays To 12 Year Olds

From the Wisconsin Gazette:
Marriage licenses given to same-sex couples in the state are invalid because the couples were barred from marrying, just like 12-year-olds, Republican Gov. Tom Corbett's attorneys said on Aug. 28.

Corbett's administration has filed a lawsuit seeking to block same-sex marriage licenses in suburban Philadelphia, where Montgomery County Register of Wills D. Bruce Hanes has issued more than 150 to gay and lesbian couples since July 24.

State attorneys said in a court filing that the marriage licenses given to gay people have no "value or legitimacy" and can't be defended in court. They compared gay and lesbian couples to children, who can't marry because a 1996 law says marriage is between a man and a woman.

"Had the clerk issued marriage licenses to 12-year-olds in violation of state law, would anyone seriously contend that each 12-year-old ... is entitled to a hearing on the validity of his `license'?" the state wrote, according to a story on the news website.
I wonder if they called Becky Kleefisch in as an expert witness so they could also compare gays to dogs and claim that gay marriage is like marrying furniture.

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  1. Talk about a transparently witless, "straw man" argument.

    **IF** the Montgomery County clerk had issued marriage licenses to a couple of canteloupes, or to a chair and a washing machine, or to a real person and a fictional character from literature.....

    ...only the clerk didn't do any of those things. The marriage licenses were issued to adults, not children, and no licenses were gratuitously handed out to porcelain lawn gnomes, or space aliens, either.

    How self-serving and fatuous are these Republican legal minds?