Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When Violating Constitutional Rights Just Isn't Enough

As the gentle reader is fully aware, for two and a half years, a loose group of people would gather at the state capitol every workday at noon to sing songs of solidarity.  For two and a half years, this has occurred without incident.

Then, a few months ago, the new commandant of the capitol cops, Dave Erwin, got a very large raise, even though it was done through unethical means.

Suddenly - in what is surely coincidental timing with Scott Walker revving up his campaigns - arrests started happening.  Dear Leader could not be made to look bad by having some discontents breaking up the day singing about such frivolities such as equality and solidarity and unions and respect.

Such rubbish!

So Kapitol Kop Kommandant Erwin started the arrest.  He arrested grannies.  He arrested vets.  He arrested children.  He arrested ACLU members.  He arrested mothers.  He arrested firefighters.

But the singers remained unintimidated.  In fact, not only did singers keep coming to the capitol, they came in greater and greater numbers.  And as their numbers and their resilience grew, so did the national attention.

Now Erwin and his jackboots have taken it to an even lower, more reprehensible level.  They have started using violence.

As most rational people would agree, the use of force against someone for singing - especially when the law actually would call for the issue of a citation - is absurd.  But it's not even that good.  They are physically attacking observers.  Note the man's camera in his hand before the cops jump him:

In this video by Rebecca Kemble, one can see the cops needlessly using compliance holds against another peaceful person:

Did you notice something else about the two men being physically accosted?

They are both black.

That's apparently just too much uppitiness for Walker and Erwin to handle.

As Walker gets more desperate to be president, how long do you think it will take for him to build gulags, er, private prisons, to hold all these scofflaws that think they still have rights?

Walker might think he is unintimidated.  But in reality, he and his pet police chief are merely unacceptable and unmitigated fascists.


  1. Governor Walker realizes that he has to stop these terrorists who are using the First Amendment to make lyrical bombs that threaten his Authority. Just because the First Amendment is technically “legal” does not mean you can use the First Amendment. The Caliph of Cairo on the Isthmus will take whatever steps are necessary to restore Order!

  2. What's next rounding up anyone who doesn't agree with Walker and sending them to camps to be gassed?

    This is how Hitler started!
    "It can't happen here" S. Lewis
    Wrapped in a flag carrying a cross!

  3. It may even degrade to the point where they use the names of people who signed a recall petition to filter appointees. Oh wait...

  4. It was only a matter of time before the Capitol Storm Troopers would escalate the crackdown into violence against Wisconsin citizens.

    Unfortunately, the corporate media are showing 100% support of this violence, with WTMJ-AM radio (WGOP radio) calling the beatings "justified" on the news this morning because the protestor did NOT have the required permit to express his anti-Walker views. WTMJ-AM hosts then added, "There's a lot of people out there who deserve to get a good beating."

    I wonder how many people Walker's Storm Troopers would have to KILL before WTMJ or other corporate media outlets would question their actions? 5? 10? 25? 100? Not beat, KILL.

    We already know that statewide corporate media outlets are just fine with the beatings of innocent Wisconsin citizens for singing in the capitol. We already know that the Wisconsin corporate media is just fine with Capitol Storm Troopers throwing veterans down stairways, denying medical treatment to heart attack victims, and arresting 80 year olds IF they dare to oppose Governor Walker's policies.

    1. The Alabama media supported the Alabama state troopers when they beat civil rights activists. That did not stop many from having their stomachs churn watching the violence of oppression. In the end, the violence of the state troopers built support for the civil rights movement.