Friday, August 23, 2013

Still Unintimidated!!

By Jeff Simpson

We brought you the story recently of National Hero Will Williams being arrested and thrown down the stairs of the Capitol in cuffs.  We showed how the Capitol Police treated this great American with no class or dignity. 

Now Mr. Williams is back(as everyone knew he would be) fighting for his our rights! 

H/T Craig Spaulding for the pics:

Mike Huebsch and Scott Walker can only hope to contribute half as much to our country as Mr. Williams has! 


  1. After America lost the Vietnam War, we ended up losing none of our freedom or liberties. If we lose Walker’s War Against the Middle Class, we will lose what made Wisconsin a great place to live. Our jobs will pay less and less. There will be fewer opportunities for our children. Our beautiful state will become dirtier with pollution. Our politicians will become even dirtier, potentially more corrupt than the ones in Illinois. Our infrastructure will continue to deteriorate. What made Wisconsin a special place to live will cease to exist.

  2. It has already declined as our recession has been lengthened likely by design in our state so that businesses can maintain lower wages while the cost of living keeps increasing. Then when our life expectancy is cut by at least 15-20 years and everyone in the middle class is a working stiff due to needing two jobs to support yourself, it will become a model touted by Blaska as a way to cut Medicare and Social Security "costs". "I got mine and up yours everyone else!" Is the mantra of the looney tunes running the place thus far.