Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Fitzwalkerstan State Fair 2013

Thanks to some friends gifting us a pair of tickets, my wife and I went to the State Fair for the first time in almost a decade.  We used to be annual attendees, but after a number of years, it had become a tad boring.  Add to that the Bush/Cheney Great Recession and the Walker/Abele attacks on Milwaukee, it also became harder to justify spending the money on it.

It was gratifying to see some of our old favorites were there and did not go up too much in price over the years (except for the cheese nuggets, which had almost doubled in price).  We were able to eat some of the traditional foods, like the New Berlin's Roasted Corn, corn dogs, ice cream, Herb Kohl's flavored milk and, yes, the Illinois cream puffs. (Even though the they were not the original cream puffs, we have a family tradition about them that had to maintained.)

We could not bring ourselves to try the bizarre food that they have come up with such as chocolate covered deep fried butter wrapped in bacon.

We were also glad to see some of the old sights.  There were the traditional Fitzwalkerstan animals like cows, horses, pigs, rabbits, baboons and white tigers.

My favorite part of going to State Fair though is hitting the expo hall.  I get a kick out of seeing all the Grade A cheap crap that they are trying to hawk in there - Ginsu knives, chamois cleaners and all the other gadgets and gizmos.

Among the most fun is hitting up the Republican table for some invigoration conversation.  Unfortunately, they weren't feeling very conversant that day.  Maybe because it was the same three people that were there all day long.  Maybe it was because they did not have any answers for my questions.  Maybe it was because they could not defend their governor's poor track record.

Anyway, since they weren't talkative, I decided to take a few photos because I found what they were selling to be as depraved and warped as their ideology.  Among the things that the Republicans were trying to sell were these shirts promoting violence and paranoia - a great combination that:

They were also shamelessly admitting that they have been taken over by the teahadists:

And what Republican stand would not be complete without a dose of racism?

The thing I found most comical though was that the WISGOP wouldn't or couldn't support either of their favorite corporate lackeys for president.  Instead they had to go out of state for their craziness, ineptitude and corruption:

Now, let's compare and contrast this to the message that the Democratic Party of Wisconsin was sending to people:

Hmm, I personally find the messages of making things better, mutual respect and love to be much more appealing than the fear, bigotry and violence than the GOP.

Maybe when we take our state back and make it Wisconsin again, the Wisconsin State Fair will also come back.


  1. Perfect,

    Could not have said it better,


  2. The "Pray, Vote, Buy More Ammo" shirt is disturbing. Pray and Buy Ammo are contradictions if you believe Jesus is the Prince of Peace, but not if you believe Jesus is a vengeful God who strikes Fire And Brimstone to punish all who disobey.

  3. Some counties had the Republican party booth, but there was also some sort of third-party conservative Wisconsin Constitution-based right-wing booth showing up. They didn't appear connected, but one never knows....

  4. so you mean the Democratic Party just lied through their teeth and had a large sign posting bogus numbers...