Thursday, August 15, 2013

That's Not The Aurora Borealis

If you see a bright orange glow in the Northwoods of Wisconsin this week, it's not the Aurora Borealis.  It's more likely the dayglo of John "The Crying Man" Boehner:
“Struggling” Sean Duffy is using his vacation from Congress to today welcome Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) to Hayward for an exclusive fundraising dinner. In advance of the $5,000-a-plate affair, Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Mike Tate released the following statement:

"“Struggling” Sean Duffy’s repeated votes against the interests of working families in Congress are deplorable enough. Bringing the Speaker of the House to Northern Wisconsin to rake in $5,000 campaign checks from the uber-wealthy when he should be hosting public events where the hard working middle class families who pay his salary can voice their concerns just adds insult to injury.
“Sean Duffy may think he “struggles” on his measly annual salary of $174,000, but the 98% of his constituents who make less than that every year not only can’t afford a ticket to tonight’s dinner – they can’t afford Duffy’s votes against the middle class."

According to U.S. Census data, the median household income in Wisconsin's 7th Congressional district is $45,868, the unemployment rate is 8% and more than 70,000 residents lack healthcare coverage, including 11,500 children.
In what I am sure is not a coincidence, Scott Walker is suddenly on vacation in an undisclosed location this week - although with all the cross country campaigning he's been doing for the past two years, I'm not sure how anyone can tell.

In what is also assuredly pure coincidence, there was seen a caravan escorted by three state troopers going north today on Hwy 51:
The Wisconsin State Patrol says it has provided three cars as security to help escort a government dignitary traveling in northern Wisconsin on Wednesday.

“We are involved with U.S. Capitol Police,” said Lt. Steve Krueger of the State Patrol's Wausau office.

He declined further comment, referring questions to Capitol Police in Washington, D.C.

A person who saw the caravan on state Highway 51 north of Merrill described it as a motor home, black sports utility vehicles and State Trooper cars.
I'd bet my bottom dollar that Walker was at the event.  You don't think he's going to pass up being near all that money and a chance to kiss the Orange Man's butt while he's running for president, do you?

 I also bet that many of the people at this little soiree wasn't from the state either.  I just wonder if they all wore name tags saying, "Hello, my name is ALEC."

What I can tell you is I would be mighty upset if they wanted me to drop $5,000 a plate and they were giving out these photos:


  1. Show him the door!!! This KID is a poor excuse for a man! To bad that window was not open..............

  2. Eewwww! I just threw up my breakfast in my mouth...could've done without seeing that this morning!

  3. If only he had Burke's money, he wouldn't need to hold fundraisers.

    1. Awesome comment.

    2. Look, I understand being a basement-dwelling right-wing troll means you're a pathetic loser. But now you're PROPPING YOUR OWN COMMENTS?

      Man, that's a wholly new level of weak sauce. Well past the merely pathetic level of Orangeman and Sean from the Real World

  4. You should really warn people before they scroll down as to what horrors await. What is that district's voters thinking by putting him in federal office? Not thinking at all, I suppose.