Monday, August 19, 2013

Robin Vos Day Food

Every holiday has it's traditional food.  Every Thanksgiving Day, people gather to eat the traditional turkey dinner.  Almost everyone has their Easter ham.  What would the Fourth of July be without hot dogs and hamburgers sizzling on the grill?

Now, the other day Jeff Simpson told us about Robin Vos Day.  While Jeff did mention that MacIver had posted a note thanking Robin for speaking with the hundred people (that's ten people when MacIver math is translated to real world terms), the numbers become even less impressive when one realizes that they had to bribe people into coming by giving them a free lunch:

How deliciously ironic it is that the people who are always telling us there is no free lunch and how we have to do things for ourselves with no help is only showing up to listen Vos' blathering only if they are given a free lunch.

I just wonder what kind of sammiches they were serving so we know what to have on Robin Vos Day - ham on wry or just regular old baloney?

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  1. Well...this is the end. Your friend...the end. You're now blogging about what someone had for lunch.
    I'd agree that lunch is probably your strongest subject! But it's not exactly Bob Woodward running down FBI informants if you catch my drift. Pass the rolls please?