Friday, August 9, 2013

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CXCV

Just in case you might have thought Scott Walker's agenda started working, it hasn't:
JPMorgan Chase today eliminated 94 positions in its mortgage banking line of business, most of them in downtown Milwaukee.

The employees were given at least the minimum 90 days notice.

“We are responding to our customers’ changing needs,” said Christine Holevas, a company spokesperson. “Fewer homeowners are struggling with their mortgages and many people have already refinanced, taking advantage of the stronger economy and historically low rates. We will work with affected employees to find openings at Chase or other local companies.”
In other words, they have plied their vulture capitalism enough that they have drained most of the blood from the people here and are going off in search of more victims.


  1. Don't worry, the mayor won't allow them to leave.

  2. Or... we can hope... they are refinancing with credit unions!