Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fairy Tale of the Day

By Jeff Simpson

H/T Jud Lounsbury @ UppityWI

And even though Montgomery was also the epicenter of the civil rights stuggle and where Rosa Parks famously stood her ground, Walker chose to ignore that and instead talk about his own struggle, claiming that his mother and and son were spit-upon in 2011 when Walker took away public workers' right to collectively bargain:  
"He said he received death threats, and his mother and son were shouted at and spit upon during a trip to the grocery store." 
Hmmm... this doesn't pass the smell test.  This is the first time Walker has claimed that anyone in his family were spit upon and I find it hard to believe that Walker, who is perhaps the most opportunistic victim in Wisconsin history, would have waited for nearly two years to tell anyone about it. 

With the republicans ability to claim victim to pebbles in the road and work hard to turn their son's drunken beating into an attempt to score political points, does anyone think that if Scott Walker's kid would have actually been spit on, that Walker would not lead every story and speech with that example? 

Me either! 


  1. Hey Scotty, name the store and approximate date that it happened. We know this is a lie, because as Jeff notes, any GOP radio station would have run with this had it happened, because that crowd loves to lay on the "persecution" angle.

    So c'mon Scotty. Tell us when it happened, and why you never told us about it before. After all, you are the "Unintimidated" one.

  2. Scotty Walker, son of a preacher, wouldn't lie! Surely, you jest.

  3. Really?!? Well, did you know that two years ago, Scott Walker personally spit on me, my son and my mother. It's true. That bastard. Terrible behavior for a Governor expecting to win a recall, spitting on his constituents.