Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Walker's Failure Now Due To Syria

Scott Walker has to be the unluckiest man alive.

He had promised us that he would create at least 250,000 jobs by the end of his first term.  Fifteen months
from the next election, he has created about one eighth of them.  And most of them were state fluff positions that he doled out to cronies and lobbyists' sons.

But now Walker is trying to back off of his promise.

The one thing Walker had in plenty was a list of excuses for his epic failure.  Some of his excuses include, but are not limited to:

  • Unions
  • Protesters
  • The weather
  • Taxes
  • Regulations
  • Former Governor Jim Doyle
  • President Barack Obama
  • Elections
And now he is adding one more to his list of excuses - Syria:
"The President, working with other leaders on a global basis, can try and put some pressure on to get things under control in the Middle East and provide stability there, because that will help our economy and if they don't it has an impact," Gov. Walker said. "We can do all the good possible, we can get the state back on the right track, but if there's instability around the world it will inevitably have an impact."
Coming soon will be blaming the man on the moon and purple unicorns.


  1. If there is instability in the state of Wisconsin due to heavy-handed, arbitrary and unilateral political leadership who force change without consensus, including pay cuts to close to 300,000 public employees, then there will be an impact with negative consequences on the state of Wisconsin.

  2. you really hit the nail on the head

  3. What else can we expect from the most divisive governor in Wisconsin history? Walker's "divide and conquer" mentality pits union against non-union workers, management against labor, the middle class against the moneyed class, and on and on. When people work together, great things can be accomplished. But uniting people isn't Walker's way. Instead, we have a governor who once bragged about "dropping the bomb" on his constituents! When you drop bombs, you don't build anything - you create ruins.