Friday, August 2, 2013

Scott Walker: Unintimidated Part 3 - Vietnam Vet Edition

Scott Walker is in the business of giving us photo ops, which could be the picture on the front cover of his future ghostwritten autobiography.  He gave us option 1, option 2 and option 3 and today we have a video.

Will Williams has been a Madison resident for about 40 years.  Will Williams is a Vietnam Veteran.  Will Williams has received a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star.   Will Williams was 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Wolfhounds Vietnam U.S. Army, 1962-1970). When Will Williams was in Vietnam, fighting for our country, he watched his best friend die and sat overnight with his friends body in a bomb crater.  Will William's used to be full of hate and now fights for peace.  Will Williams is a person whose lifestory is so interesting that a documentary was made about his life

Today Will Williams was the guy the Capitol Police hand cuffed and arrested for singing peacefully in the Rotunda of the Capitol.  Today, Will Williams is the person who, while in the care of the Capitol Police, they let fall, handcuffed, down the marble staircase.     Will Williams is the guy, who while down,  the Capitol Police let stay down, and would not even afford him the dignity of uncuffing him.

Will Williams sat in the blazing heat of a jungle, on the other side of the world, and faced death practically hourly to defend the UNITED States of America.  Scott Walker flies around the country and attends $2500/ plate fundraisers and brags of his strategy of "divide and conquer".

Scott Walker will not let the death of a 15 year old child get in the way of his ambitions, so there is no way he will let a national hero do it either! 

Wisconsin deserves better.

Will Williams DEFINITELY deserves better!  

PS:  If you think this is bad, wait until you see what Robin Vos and Scott Fitzgerald have in store for Mr. Williams when he tries to vote next year!  


  1. Let us not forget Walker's veteran's fund ripoff. Military service would have been a good experience for Scooter. Now he should be preparing for the prison experience.

  2. Republicans believe that only Communists think that the lesson of Vietnam is to work for peace. So this brave Vietnam vet perfectly fits the twisted caricature that Republicans hold toward the Solidarity Singers.

  3. Interesting that the Capitol Police seem to have suddenly discovered that there is an elevator that goes to the basement, after forcing all those other peaceful protesters -- some with very limited mobility -- into doing a perp walk down that long set of marble stairs. One would almost think they are trying to deliberately make a spectacle out of issuing a few citations! Naaaahhhh...

    Jack-booted thugs on a power trip aside, I hope Will Williams is o.k. The man is a Madison icon and a treasure. The first person you want to see on the scene and the last person you want to see something like this happen to.

  4. Will Williams sat in the jungle. Will Williams has a Purple Heart. Will Williams broke the law.

    1. He fought to defend the rights given to us in the Constitution.

      He continues to do so. Even in his advanced years, he's still more a man than you.

    2. Actually Will Williams broke a "rule" and hurt Scott Walker and Mike Huebsch's feelings. In terms of lawbreaking, let's look at a couple examples...

      GT broke a Law when they hired unlicensed armed guards....penalty none

      The knotsies broke the law when they put out public death threats to a few democratic women....penalty none!

      Scott Fitzgerald broke the law when they held a meeting to rush through ACT10 without proper public notice ...penalty none!

      Scott Walker broke the law when his campaign staff was running the county of Milwaukee to make sure that the death of a 15 year old boy did not infringe upon his higher ambitions....penalty none.

      should I keep going? It seems that breaking the law is ok, breaking a rule is not.

  5. Will fought for this country while Walker cowered, Will stood up for our rights while Walker was selling them off. Will stands for ethics and right, Walker... election fraud, a Koch puppet dropping the bomb...remember it is on a audio recording..., arresting singers, secret email system, covering up the cause of a child's death.
    Will Stood up and fought for this country then and now,
    Walker does not stand for anything he gets on his knees to his puppet masters mouth open when they drop trou.