Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Scott Walker Less Favorable Than Even Rick Perry

Fresh from David Cantanese's "The Run" is the latest poll for Teapbulican presidential potentials:
Here in the dead of August more than two years away from the nominating contests, it looks like a Christie vs. Paul fight:

Chris Christie 21%

Rand Paul 16%

Jeb Bush 10%

Paul Ryan 8%

Marco Rubio 6%

Ted Cruz 4%

Rick Santorum 4%

Rick Perry 4%

Scott Walker 2%

Don’t Know Yet 20%
The poll is from New Hampshire and the poll size is rather small, but it does serve to show that people that aren't exposed to Fitzwalkerstan's corporate media and squawk radio - but I repeat myself - are not at all keen on Scott Walker.

Now if we could only wake up our fellow Wisconsinites to the reality of our situation.


  1. Why don't the corporations and the Koch brothers just pile all the money they funnel to Walker in a big pile and burn it. They will at least have a pile of ashes to show for their efforts.

    Although on second thought maybe all they are going to get either way is a pile of ashes. One being money and the other being the former 2% governor of Wisconsin.

    1. You can burn money in the hearth while avoiding scorching the Wi landscape. Donate to Walker and all you get is scorched earth policy...

  2. This cheesehead NH transplant reads more about Snotty Wanker in the local NH newspaper than gets published in the major right wing Wisconsin rags.

    When I mention that I grew up in Wisconsin, more often than not, the conversation turns to pity for family and friends who are the victims of Fitzwalkerstan fascism.

  3. Even Mr(s) Unknown has a higher rating that Walker!