Friday, August 16, 2013

Robin Vos Day

By Jeff Simpson

Robin Vos recently spent lunch hour with Americans against Prosperity and he let them know what an amazing legislator he is!  

The first-term Assembly leader added that he is happy with the progress the state has made since it fell under full Republican control in 2010
"Wisconsin is headed in the right direction and we really made good choices," Vos said. "As we look to the future, we also have to recognize the great job that we've done."
So I think to honor Mr. Public Service for doing so many good things for Wisconsin we should declare a Robin Vos Day to properly thank him!

First we need a date.  I would suggest 2/28/11, the day he received a speeding ticket(no wonder he wants to increase the speed limit).   Or Possibly 8-12, the day his first divorce was finalized, without that he would not have been able to get started in his second divorce(which he has not finalized yet).  Or it could be the date that his current paramour Michelle Litjens divorce from her husband and kids gets finalized, but that date has not happened yet either. 

While we finalize the date, we also need to think of things to do to properly reward him for his service to Wisconsin. 

*I am thinking a pocketful of quarters so when he hooks up with a married woman discretely he can run into a convenience store and grab a condom.  

*  we could give an award to the landlord that treats his tenants the worse throughout the year in living conditions and rent and give them the Robin Vos Slumlord award. 

*  we could change the English language to include a new saying for everytime a politician blatantly breaks ethic laws with no punishment...ex.  Senator So and So just pulled a Vos.

We are welcome to other thoughts on how to Honor Robin...leave them in the comments! 


PS:  I pulled the AFP pic from their website where it had this caption - Great event today in Racine. Thank you Speaker Vos for speaking to the 100 folks who showed up.  


  1. I've suggested, Jeff, that you try to work on your proclivity for below-the-belt personal attacks. But since you insist on taking the low road, watch out for on-coming, serving traffic, namely a fellow low-roader, Graeme Zielinski.

    The former Democratic Party spokes mouth and Cognitive Dissidence favorite is facing his third operating while intoxicated plus unsafe lane deviation, and driving an automobile with expired registration.

    On June 2, 2013, Zielinski was pulled over by the Wisconsin State Patrol. According to Wisconsin Circuit Court records, Zielinski was driving a car with expired Texas license plates. Texas? The registration had expired in 2009. You can look it up on CCAP.

    Ironic, isn't it, that Zielinski is the one with a criminal record, not Scott Walker?

    1. Yes it is ironic David,

      But hey, he ruins one life while Walker ruins many more.

      Any time you need to go below the belt give me call.

  2. Graeme made his bed and he will lie in it.....I am fully aware of his offense. As i said before he should get Randy Hoppe's attorney since its ok for ex republican senators to drive drunk.

    Yes it is ironic that Graeme has the criminal record and not Scott Walker, of course Scott Walker spent over 2,000,000, two criminal defense funds and lots of secrecy, promised jobs, back scratching, minions falling on their sword to make sure that he did not have a criminal record.

    If the widow Hendricks gave him $500,000 to get off im sure Graeme would end up with it dismissed also.

    However the key point here is graeme is a private citizen and Vos and Walker are elected officials.

    1. Too bad though he was the one carrying the water on the John Doe files. I doubt anyone pushes it any further now and the Republicans absolutely know how to deflect it. A gullible public will simply swallow that the messenger was problematic so therefore the whole message is rotten. That the DPW/Dem leadership let him do this when they must have known it was only a matter of days until the news came out is more proof of their impotence. When, when, when will they get their act together?

    2. Maybe he should get prominent liberal attorney Richard Saks from Hawks Quindel. He's more of Graeme's type.

    3. "However the key point here is graeme is a private citizen and Vos and Walker are elected officials."

      Point well taken by us who have a double standard when it comes to potentially killing someone. If Graeme had taken out a church bus full of teens while DUI, ya'll would be cheering.

    4. "...ya'll would be cheering..."

      Hardly. Only a total scumbag cheers destruction. Jeff is obviously not willing to publicly pile on more shame and criticism to someone obviously struggling mightily. It's called grace.

    5. Double standard. The only standard liberals live by.

    6. Interesting observations, Anon 12:58. Liberals have a double standard because they do not want to pile on to the problems of Graeme Zelinski. Republicans have no double standard when it comes to Robin Vos and Michelle Litjens because they are full of Family Values.

  3. Wisconsin's rising star is so confident in his future position- the man who will be Governor- that he has no remorse over breaking up Rep Litjen's marriage and family to satisfy his libido. I cannot imagine Wisconsin voters ever electing a candidate who rubs our faces in greed, power and sexual promiscuity. A governor with a 'Christian' concubine?

    Narcissism is such an endearing trait. Not.

    1. Speaking of narcissism, I bet you voted for the corrupt liar partying in the White House.

    2. Please be specific and tell us how President Obama is:
      - narcissistic
      - corrupt
      - liar
      - partier

      Barack Obama looks like Mohatma Gandhi compared to Robin Vos.

    3. Do I also need to tie your shoes for you?

    4. I love the incredibly silly and cowardly and yet amazing delusions of grandeur

    5. Exactly Jeff, the basement dwellers have nothing other than what they've been told. It's why they futz in circles once you ask them to explain what they mean.

      Vos is a disgusting parasite, with no morals other than "eff you, pay me!" And not many brains, either.

    6. I am Anon 12:29 AM. I expected a nonsense response like what Anon 12:59 wrote. The hate Obama crowd parrot what they hear. They have no further depth.

      I passed some waving people on an overpass with an “Impeach Obama” sign. What are the grounds for impeachment? Passing a law making it possible for all Americans to compare health insurance plans that they can afford, or if they are low income, receive a government subsidy paid by corporations that don’t offer their employees health insurance. Republicans claim this will destroy health care as we know it. Ask them how and you get an answer as in-depth as Sen. Ron Johnson’s “Replace” plan for his “Repeal and Replace” Obamacare pledge.

      Let me explain Johnson’s Replace Plan:

    7. OK, I'll give you a minute for specifics. Tell me again why that John Doe investigation ended with zero charges made on Scott Walker. Please use the same template above to outline the evils of Scott Walker.

      Narcissist - Google "Obama Narcissist" there's half a million articles from you'll fins some are not credible, but not all.

      Corrupt - Now that's tough one because he's well protected. Why did he seal his college transcripts? How high does the IRS scandal go?

      Remember when he said the IRS scandal was limited to a few employees in Cincinnati? We now know he knew otherwise when he lied about it. Same with the video story on Benghazi.

      Here's 21 more.

      Partier - Come on, He's partying with the 1% right now. He also introduced me to the word Choom.

      Pretty much everything Obama says he wants to improve has gone the other way. "I want to stand up for working families." "I want to make the 1%pay more tax." Well, life is now harder for working people with higher food, medical and energy prices, and chronic high unemployment. While at the same time stocks and real estate are doing great. Two things the 1$ make money off of. No wonder they like to party with him.

    8. The people with the “Impeach Obama” sign on the overpass were in Michelle Litjens old district. I wonder what those Republican Tea Baggers think of Litjens having an affair with Robin Vos. I doubt that it is a secret as it is discussed in the Catholic school where Litjens’ boys attended. Her divorce caught many by surprise. My guess is the Tea Baggers will deny everything because Tea Baggers go into denial whenever reality strikes.

    9. Anon 7:46, Walker was not indicted in John Doe because the special prosecutor was incompetent at turning the Walker staffers he sent to jail into witnesses to testify against Walker.

      Don’t tell me to read a half million articles claiming Obama is a narcissistic. The ones I read were as vague as your claims. Repeating a lie without substance does not make it true.

      So you claim Obama is corrupt because his college transcripts are sealed? I take it Harvard is in on the criminal conspiracy. I imagine the Dean of the Harvard Law School allowed Obama to skate through so he can claim he paved the way for the first black elected President.

      There is zero evidence that the White House has directed any irregular communications to the IRS. Plus the IRS scandal petered out when evidence emerged that political groups of all persuasions were scrutinized for their tax exempt status.

      What is Obama’s lie about Benghazi?

      Do you consider golf to be partying? If so, then Obama is guilty of golfing. He is just as bad as Dwight Eisenhower.

      Maybe if Republicans did not obstruct everything Obama has tried to do, working people would be better off and the top 1% would be paying higher taxes. Therefore Republicans fulfilled their gloom and doom prophesy for Obama.

      Good luck bringing down the price of food, medical and energy. That is as unrealistic as your silly claims about Obama. Try to stick to reality.

    10. Secret? Hardly. Live up here in her old district and voted for her because of her integrity and family values. We all wonder why she fell from grace as she was being prepped to follow after Tom Petri.
      Now we've heard she moved to Sun Prairie with Vos? Bet those sealed divorce records would be interesting.
      Hope the kids are learning morals from their father.

  4. Vos wants to become the leader of the Wisconsin Cosy Nostra. If only he wasn't a dwarf.

  5. Cherry pickers. Clueless to boot. What about that "reprehensible Video" Obama spoke of at the U.N.? Apparently you believe protesters in Libya routinely run around with RPG's.

    He's a liar, and a fake. His policies will go down in history as failures but they will be rewritten by liberals as helping the working people when the exat opposite is true. None of you addressed the FACT that working people are worse off and the 1% are better off due to the stock market and real estate.

    Chicken pickers, I'm done wasting my time.

    You will blame Republicans for 60+ years of Democrat rule for Detroit's failure. You will politicize everything as our Sheet don't stink but our fellow Americans who disagree with us have stinky sheet. You will put bumper stickers on your cars that say COEXIST while you deride driving cars and using metal mined from the earth. The fine print on your bumper sticker says, "Under my terms only."

    Name one other President other than Barack who had his transcripts sealed. Name one IRS official other than the Obama picked Lois Learner who had to plead the fifth so she didn't end up perjuring herself like Eric Holder.

  6. Diversions, diversions. Is it really that hard to stay on topic?

    p.s. Don't feed the trolls.

  7. Stay on topic guys. Facts don't matter in our cause to destroy American values. We finally have a leader who is on our side. Bye, bye American dream...